25 thoughts on “German Army 4 Piece Utensil Set

  1. You never really think about having a portable utensil set until you need it. Thanks for opening my eyes to this. Hope you are feeling better.

  2. In Germany this set costs around 11$. And for 25 you’ll get the set including the pots.

    I used that set several times and i agree with your verdict:
    This set is not “the best” by modern, normal people standards.
    But it is durable and compact.

  3. My brother bought a German KFS set years ago, and it’s great. The spoon is the best part, it’s massive (bigger than a tablespoon), we’ve jokingly called it a shovel. The knife is good as well (interestingly same serrated front, plain back section of the blade as Victorinox 111mm SAKs, not sure if that’s a coincidence). If you need, you can also put a small teaspoon between the knife and fork. Our set is mixed years set (”62, ”82, ’84 and ’85) and it was quite cheap when I got it at a surplus store but I’ve never seen them again. Funnily enough, we lost it at a holiday home but luckily found it there a year later, I’d be very sad if we lost if permenantly. It’s definitely a better eating tool than what our Army’s FRED!

  4. I have the East German Army version of those. I got them on a flea market a few years ago, and use them as replacement for those absolutely useless plastic/wooden forks they give with outdoor food, picnics and barbecues.

  5. I have an identical set I picked up in an auction 10 years ago. It’s probably made by the same company, but is marked with a large emblem of a government rightly replaced in 1945.

  6. Ebay is your friend here, “army cutlery set”
    Plenty to choose from at a fraction of the jungle website prices.

  7. in a repurposed mosin ammo pouch I wear on my hip, among other things, lighter, leatherman, etc. I carry a pair of collapsible titanium chopsticks (think transistor radio antenna) and a folding titanium spork. I do not miss meals. become proficient with chopsticks and you can eat nearly everything, carry a knife and you can easily make a set in wild with some twigs. As for getting into cans/tins, well that’s where a multi tool comes in.

  8. i don’t get it, whats the difference between something like this and carriing one spoon one fork and one knife and a can oppener? to me theese kind of products are more for fun than useful.

  9. I’ve been carrying this every day in my bag for years now. Bought it used from the german army. Got lucky I got a matching number set (not guaranteed, the surface might differ if you got pieces from different sets). The knife was very dull, but I had it sharpened and now it works just fine. The weight isn’t an issue in my edc bag.

  10. You gotta be careful when cleaning the can opener part. Can opener is spot welded into the frame, you can’t take it out. But water may get in between frame and can opener, so it’ll gunk up over time and probably rust. If you really have to clean that part maybe put it on a heater afterwards to dry it faster

  11. This is an excellent set, a little heavy, but nice. The spoon is huge, lol you can just about dig your way to China if needed. This will last a lifetime.

  12. Just get an old tin fork and spoon from anywhere and put a rubber band around em if you want. Likely, you already have your jack knife. Voila! Don’t make it complicated.

  13. I got one 20 years ago. It was used, dirty cheap, and dirty.
    I’m thinking about replacement, because of the combined weight.

  14. I have this and I couldn’t figure out how the can opener works. I think it’s designed for cans of a different era? I’ve tried to use it in different ways, and you can get the can open, but it takes some doing and it’s not anywhere near as good as the modern SAK can opener. Unless I’m just not understanding it at all.

  15. It’s funny to see these. I bought 3 sets of those at a flea market back in the late 80’s or so, for camping (family style car camping, not backpacking) and love those things. One set even has a German soldiers name scratched into it. Another funny part is; it took me forever to figure out the can opener, that it cuts underneath the rim not on the top! 🙄

  16. Его бы сделать из титана, и был бы шедевр. Зря никто не поступил таким образом

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