Ural Motorcycle Camping trip part 2 , Majors Creek to Camp at Araluen

Ural Motorcycle Camping trip part 2 , Majors Creek to Camp at Araluen

Part 2 I head down the mountain and set up camp for the night.

13 thoughts on “Ural Motorcycle Camping trip part 2 , Majors Creek to Camp at Araluen

  1. Hi Keith, lucky you didn’t go up/down Major’s Creek Mountain Road as it would have been a challenge on the Ural. Would recommend, if you do try it, that you have someone with you. The sit you’re camped it is where they have the ‘Hat Rally’, usually in August.

    1. Thanks Gerry
      Yeah I was probably lucky it was closed πŸ₯΅
      I’ve been down it once before , but a few years ago , hopefully they fix it up and open it up again.

  2. A lot of those 4×4 only roads really only mean don’t take your low family car on there and complain that you ripped your muffler off. My street is designated 4×4 only and for 10 months of the year I can drive my very low SAAB along it with no problems. But when it rains heavily it forms very deep ruts that do need a 4×4 just for the ground clearance!

    1. Yeah , I would have liked to give it a go , the Ural is quite capable , and I’d always have reverse to turn around of it got too bad. But not to be.

  3. at 54yrs old i gave up my 1000cc+ sports/adv bikes and have at present a royal enfield himalayan and love it! the ural has been on my radar for a year or 2 as i have 2 dogs and want to take them with me on ride outs and camping trips..I would love to buy one, as in the UK lake district, I have never ever seen one in my 32yrs of riding…they look cool as hell and reliability is down to the maintenance you are willing to pay for or put into a bike..i am not bothered about speed, its the fun per mile that counts..might need to order a 2022 model after xmas to run along side the Himalayan..😁
    new UK sub for you πŸ‘πŸ˜€ stay safe and have fun 😁 BRILL VID!!

  4. Absolutely beautiful spot. Lots of shade under the canopy of trees and open sunny spots as well. An orchestra of birds singing with the back ground of the bubbling creek.
    Fires are allowed and there are 2 drop toilets but we brought our own. There is also a water tank, however, we used the creek water for drinking and all our needs by pouring it into our caravan tank. The water here is crystal clear and cool. This place is right up there on places to stay, so relaxing and tranquil. The ciccadas are quite noisy during the day in the warmer months. Well worth the trip from wherever you are. Wish I could live here 🌿🌳

  5. Amazing how dead the roads and campsites are. One benefit of a small population that time of year. You can carry that extra bit of comfort with you in a sidecar when off camping.

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