First Ever Solo Motorcycle Stealth Camping Trip 2022

First Ever Solo Motorcycle Stealth Camping Trip 2022

I’m finally taking my first ever solo motorcycle stealth camping adventure so we’re riding the Grey Goose out to motorcycle stealth camp at a site near west central Alabama. There’s dropping of a BMW GS involved so be sure to stick around until the end!

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00:00 – Opening
03:45 – Carnage: The Downing Of The Grey
05:35 – Purdy scenery
11:45 – Haven…. hammock or tent? Carl:
14:45 – Roughing it, watching a Moto Giant
YouTube live stream.
22:00 – Ground dwelling like a filthy

24 thoughts on “First Ever Solo Motorcycle Stealth Camping Trip 2022

    1. Thanks so much for watching Keith!

      I need to work on my helmet setup for certain. Once I isolate my voice properly I then want to isolate the engine to another track. It’s more editing but man it sounds great setup that way.. at least on the videos I’ve seen.

    2. 😂 I know that’s right. The older I get the more I have to ignore a lot of new technical things in order to not cloud what I already know.

      I want to ride until my brain goes and then they can park me in front of a TV and I’ll watch my YouTube reruns for the rest of my days.

    1. You can tell the second time I hit the ground I’m done. I was exhausted and not thinking straight but I’m glad I set it up the way I did. I slept like a baby under the stars.

      10/10 would do again.

  1. Thanks for watching! I am working on completing my helmet audio setup so thank you for your patience.

    If it’s terrible I’ll dub a little music over it and hopefully that’ll be okay until I get the mic installed in my helmet.

    🍻 Cheers!

  2. Dude, don’t stop. This is the funniest moto camping video I have ever seen. But I have no room to talk. We don’t have any tall trees in Nevada to hold up a hammock.

    1. I do all I can to leave my *brain farts* and *eff-ups* in my videos.. here, I knew they wouldn’t _fully support_ my weight but I was tired enough to think they’d hold my *_big arse_* up better than they did. But hey, it actually worked out great and I’m glad to know I can set it up this way in the future.

      All I ask is that you keep watching and keep making videos yourself. I loved the wild horses in your last video. That whole area is gorgeous, hopefully you can show us around there some day?

  3. An awesome video of your first solo camping. Helmet video is really good. Stability is awesome. My first attempt at rigging the Haven was kind of like yours. Glad to see you got the shot on the lay down. I dropped mine the second day.. No damage except to my ego. Great job. Keep em coming.

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback Gary! I had watched so many videos of people dropping their adv bikes and recovering them that it all happened automatically after the fall. 😂

      The Haven slept very well on the ground. I left the rain fly open and slept under the stars. It was fantastic.

  4. Video Timeline:
    3:45 – Carnage: The Downing Of The Grey Goose
    5:35 – Purdy scenery
    11:45 – Haven… hammock or tent? Carl: Yes!
    14:45 – Roughing it, watching a Moto Giant YouTube live stream.
    22:00 – Ground dwelling like a filthy troglodyte.

    Thanks for sharing. Very motorvational!

  5. Dude i busted out laughing the 3rd time you got in and went straight to the ground your first time looked like it was a pretty good time can’t wait to see the next one

    1. Man. I was so tired physically that my mental state was scattered at best. It was a blast and I’m looking forward to the next one.

      I may try a new spot this weekend, I have a few stealth spots that I’m looking to recon and one out of the way (but legal) spot where I know I can drive to and just camp.

    2. I realized after posting it that I cut a few parts of it out. Flipping the kickstand down for sure before walking around to turn the key off.

      I told someone l had watched so many people drop their adv bikes that I didn’t even have to think about what to do. It was so automatic it was odd. 😂

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