1. Nice camper…! although one downside with these would be camping on WA coast with the wind howling at night and all that canvas is flapping. Will definitely keep the family awake.

    1. We’ll see. After 25 years camping in canvas it hasn’t been an issue.
      Maybe I just pick good spots

  2. Hi Harry. As someone that’s in the market for a good camper trailer, I’m keen to see how the Cub handles high wind conditions with all that canvas and how young Will handles the heat and humidity with no aircon (unless the Cub has on but you didn’t show it).
    Also at $56k, it’s pretty pricey and comparable (in price point alone) to a Patriot X1-H which apparently sleeps 2-8 people. Ronny Dahl seems to rate the Patriots.
    That said, if ANY company offered to ‘loan’ me a camper trailer of any sort for a year, I wouldn’t say no either. Just from your brief review, the Cub certainly looks like the ‘real deal’. I really love the amazing awning capacity

  3. Looks great & your video was very informative but….”Tell us the price son”…also what is the load capacity?

  4. Looks like there is a spot for your detergent in the drawer closest to the camper. If it doesn’t fit put it in the sink for travel, worked for us for years on some of the worst roads.

  5. Awesome Harry.
    I’m happy to trial one off them also, before I buy, of my choice…. got a promo code mate?
    Good camper that one.

  6. Cool looking camper, dont agree with your plastic fridge opinion though, we had a Waeco plastic fridge in back of a ute [no cover] for over 10yrs rain/hail/shine went like a trooper.

  7. Great video, glad to see there is still some Aussie companies still willing to persevere with the Australian market, we should all get behind them

  8. Well done ..hope you thrive.. you must have ordered a while ago….I would have liked to borrow but hey it saved you 45K. the benefits of 50K subscribers…good on you hope you enjoy ..ours comes in late jan…

  9. Awesome Harry you guys are going to love the new setup! One thing we used to do when camping with a newborn and night feeds is boil up some water before bed and keep it in a thermos and another one with cold water so you can mix up bottles through the night without having to actually get up and boil water in the middle of the night 😊 enjoy the fam adventures!

  10. Harry, I have to be honest, we have been watching you since the beginning when you cooked that steak at that place with the stone table between two trees…
    But your videos are getting more scrappy each episode, they are a bit like the draws on your new camper messy, with no order to them. We know you can create great content.

    1. No worries mate, plenty of other channels to watch if you want polished content. But this is me.

  11. 15 mins from pulling up to cracking a beer? No sir… Pull up, crack beer, THEN 15 mins to set up…

  12. I wouldn’t be banging on about Australian made the Australian made caravan manufacturers are a perfect example the horror stories I hear all the time is unbelievable

    1. @Fire to Fork the Chinese ones have really improved in the last few years but the Australian caravan manufacturing seems to be an unregulated mess the difference is when you pay 20k for a Chinese camper you are getting good value for money but when you pay 110k for and Australian made caravan and it’s a total mess not so good

    2. You’re actually the first person I’ve heard say that. All the repairers I’ve spoken to will only buy Australian made.
      I’d also love to see the $20k vs $110k model you’re talking about

  13. Congratulations Harry on being a Dad, being a Dad of 3 now grown up kids I totally know what you and Sam are in for haha. Enjoy every moment mate and take lots of photos and vids of bub because they grow up SO FAST !! I hope Sam’s all good, and the baby too, did you have a boy or a girl, what’s their name, it’s ok if you’d rather not say I totally understand, take care of each other you’re a family now and that changes things. Goodluck with parenthood to both of you, best regards, Seeya Rob

  14. I’ll cope with a couple hundred extra KG and save myself ~$20k for something that is functionally identical. Would love to support Australian made but the quality differential these days isn’t what it was and they need to get real with pricing.
    Interested to see your thoughts on the forward fold design after using it for a while, we love ours. Easy to tow anywhere, quick setup and cooking outside where it belongs.

  15. So good to see Cub get some exposure by someone like yourself. I considered the Cub and have been a fan of what they do for years. The only reason I went with a smaller Patriot was the fact I can’t fit the Cub in my garage. I hope people see the quality of these trailers and they get a few sales out of you. I’m sure your little guy will be a fan 🥰👍🏻

  16. Where do you keep your clothes? That is a massive trailer but there’s bugger all storage inside, same as all forward fold campers.

  17. great news about the camper. if you’re interested in your family safety you might want to watch Robert Pepper (LSSFBC) youtube videos on towing etc. eg: have you exceeded your rear axle loading on the prado? ( extended hitch?) and maybe put your heavy tools in the cupboard over the wheel, not on the back?
    also consider using Australian Supapeg key head pegs and guy ropes for your awnings, we find they are great.

  18. Great video mate, I can definitely see you enjoying this with your family for many years to come! Not sure who will enjoy it more, you or Sam haha.
    Side note, it seems my dog and Fred both graduated from the same school of ‘wanting the biggest log/branch you can find and dragging it everywhere’.

    1. Cheers mate! Yeah it has been a ripper so far. And yeah, when it comes to branches, more is more

  19. I love this camper… but for 40 to 50k those couches round the table are dodgy.. contantly having to put them back in place.. could come up with some velcro strips to hold them in place

  20. You have just made a few aussy camper manufactures unhappy. Fancy letting the cat out that most of their stuff is bought OS. On ya for the commitment.

  21. can really see a trailer company here in south africa lending me a free top of range trailer for a year…..must migrate to Oz and claim my free trailer!!!

  22. Thanks for the review. cant wait to see you cooking in your chalete.
    I wonder if there is min/max hitch load down under. Balancing trailers doesn’t seems to be an issue. i do balancing my trailer before every single trip…

  23. I’ll be interested to see how you get on with it after some high-wind nights. We went with friends in a similar style camper, and it was all good until the wind came up. Canvas top flapping like mad. Made a real noise. We were camped in our Kombi 20m away, and we could hear it all night, flapping away. They didn’t sleep a wink.

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