The Best Travel Trailers Under 3500lbs for 2021!

The Best Travel Trailers Under 3500lbs for 2021!

Top 5 Travel Trailers Under 3500lbs for 2021 | Matt’s RV Reviews Awards
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55 thoughts on “The Best Travel Trailers Under 3500lbs for 2021!

  1. All have east west beds, no thanks, crawling over your mate at night to go the the bathroom is good for about 3 nights then a no go, try it

  2. My vehicle can tow maximum 5000 lbs
    do you think all of this top five will do?
    Im looking for something small but I need to have a washroom inside my trailer for 3 ppl. Any ideas friends?

  3. What is the best travel trailer for a couple under 20 feet on?

  4. I’m thinking Matt likes his coffee. Love the energy….good video and great presentation…

  5. The glamorous harmonica congruently strengthen because daniel aetiologically test given a handsome fly. vivacious, tense exhaust

  6. Matt we have a Retro 135 and it’s definitely one that should if made ur top 5. It’s amazing and when we’re out n about camping. People literally come up to us constantly wanting info on it

  7. Hey, Matt!

    This video in particular caught my eye, because I just put in a reservation for the new Ford Maverick. Of course I’ll be going with the optional 4000lb towing option, so I will need something light enough to also be able to haul what I need while in camp. Ford isn’t the only one bringing back (finally) a compact truck for 2022. I expect the RV industry to respond by bringing out even more lightweight RVs in the next several months.

    Y’all do a great job on these video reviews, and I’m looking forward to see what comes out for the compact truck arena.

  8. I will never pull a single axle. It’s funny to watch these videos with years of camping experience and contrast that with the feeling of shopping around at the dealer when you know nothing about them. Love the floor plan of that Jayco SLS, and the fact that it’s fibreglass. I would love to have that if it was a dual. I almost spit out my coffee at the price over $30k for a teardrop camper.

    1. Why wouldn’t you pull a single axle ? I was going to buy a class C , then I thought I’d buy a pickup and pull a small trailer since it’s just me and my dog , I’m not sure what to choose but I thought the smaller the easier to tow ! Please give me your thoughts. Thank you Chris

  9. How long are they ? Show more Murphy beds without bunch’s ! Table bare large to sleep 2 adults. Nice size two door cooler with freezer.

  10. With a lot of these layouts, I’m wishing more of them would have the beds that would fold up into a couch, like ive seen in some other travel trailers

  11. The Jayflight 174BH is not under 3500lbs. GVRW is 3950. And the Clipper is 3850. These are not true representations of RV’s under 3500! If a vehicle limit is 3500, most of these are out! You need to make videos that are based off MAX weight because these are the numbers that matter when it comes to towables.

  12. Great video. I have number 3. Love it. I’d like to see a top 5 small dual axles.

  13. Please, you need to mention # 5 the cost is $…… # 4 the cost is $….. etc etc # 1 and $…..

    1. They are pretty good costs compared to airstream basecamp and lance 1475..

  14. After much research including from matts reviews we went with the forest river wolf pup FQ16 with a Murphy bed and at an msrp of $25,000+ we are getting it for 14,999+ dmv fees only.We are saving over $12,000+ over California scams and rip offs by driving to Iowa in august

  15. Late to the comments… I would add Air Stream Bambi just because…. Air Stream.

  16. Furrion is an ok company,but they need to make their ovens where at least a large chicken would fit in it.Only toast or pizza fit. Miss the others. Needs functionality.

  17. Great video, can you mention length and price for each when doing videos like this? Would then be absolutely perfect.

  18. Safari Condo trailers (out of Canada) come to mind for this category. Love the quality, the floor plans and the weight!

  19. Dang it Matt. I’m never buying an RV but I always watch your videos. Another great video bud!

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