Our Camper Trailer is FINALLY Complete... Somewhat!?

Our Camper Trailer is FINALLY Complete… Somewhat!?

G’day G’day,
Whilst out on our latest little bit of adventurizing, we took the time to finally do a bit of an update on our camper trailer. We have been using and modifying it now for over 18 months and genuinely feel we have it kitted out to exactly what we need and it does incredibly well. So here’s just a bit of snippet of the latest additions. Coupled with the rest of the videos posted previously it should make for a pretty good timelapse of just how we’ve taken a pretty good blank canvas in the Austrack Simpson in standard form and just tweaked it a tad to our needs and likings. But anyway. Happy to answer questions etc. Cheers and look forward to showing you the adventure side of our latest trip in the next video. Cheers for tuning in.

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32 thoughts on “Our Camper Trailer is FINALLY Complete… Somewhat!?

  1. The step mod you did to my steps last weekend was as you said game changer . So much better climbing up and down .

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  4. G’day Tim,Michelle,top vid will help out others with you type of trailer,it’s all coming together
    for that trip your planing,well done.😁😎

    1. Cheers Doug. Thanks mate. Yeah juat putting the final details together for our trip this year.

  5. Love your videos on the Camper, got a simular built goldfields camper. Misses is going to love the padding on the RTT ladder! legend haha

    1. Cheere mate. Appreciate it.
      Oh mate get on it hey. Prob up there as the best mod so far and the least expensive. It’s called EVA foam sheet. So bloody good.

  6. Cheers for the vid mate. I’ll have to get on the Eva foam for the ladders. Misses will love that. Appreciate it 👍

  7. Thanks for all the info mate. We’ve just bought a Stoney Creek Nugget which seems to be identical to the Austrak. We’re taking it out for the first time tomorrow, and I can see your mod ideas are going to make life a little easier for us. Cheers

    1. G’day Nick. Yeah they are the same trailer essentially. Good units. Glad you could get something from what we’ve done. Appreciate it mate.

    1. Thanks mate. Glad you liked it.
      The foam is called EVA foam. Used for boat decking.

  8. I’m about to give my conqueror a big make over. It’s got a bit of rust coming out on it so going to sand it back, treat the rust & respray in raptor before the rust gets worse. Also replacing the tent with a 23 zero RTT. Should not have sold the one I had on my Hilux when I got the camper. What size is your tent?

    1. I love those conqueror trailers. We considered one but they don’t come up for sale often.
      We we’ve got the 2200 Dakota. I believe it’s the biggest one in the range.

    2. @Tim Rumble – True Blue Overland mines just the little UEV310 but perfect for me and the kids. I was lucky, it popped up on marketplace & I picked it up from Eungella. It’s a solid little trailer apart from the rust coming out, don’t like the tent at all it’s too big & bulky for me to manage on my own – doable but way too much effort for my liking. Ok, I was debating whether to go the 1600, 1800 or 2200 RTT for the camper.

    3. Yeah what did ya have on the hilux?
      The 2200 is massive. It is bigger than a king bed. That mattress I find is good for me. But I like a firm mattress. Sometimes Michelle reckons it’s not quite thick enough so we sometimes sleep with a doona underneath us aswell.
      Leaving all our bedding and pillows in there too is a tad difficult when it comes to the straps. But we’ve had ol mate at true blue canvas make us some longer ones so we don’t have any dramas now. If you wanted to check it for size at all we could probably show it to you one weekend. But it might be a tad tough to handle by yourself.

    1. G’day Tony, not as yet mate. Have shelved it currently. There are a few options though. Will keep you posted.

    2. @Tim Rumble – True Blue Overland I have a similar style camper and have a 12v exhaust fan ( switched) with a vent with a dust filter. Similar fan to a computer cooler fan. Anyway works 100% for moisture as well. Cheers.

    3. @Tony Munro oh nice that’s sounds allright. I’ll look into that sort of thing too. Cheers.

    1. G’day Steve. I just used that EVA boatbdecking material. It has a self adhesive backing. Comes in a variety of colours.

  9. Some great mods Tim…. thanks for the tip on the boat decking tape on the ladder! Have since done mine and works amazing!!

    1. No worries mate. I can’t rate the ladder mod any higher. Possibly the best 👌

  10. Great tips on both the deck foam and the toiletry hanger. Question: did your trailer come with a clamp on light with a 5.5mm plug on the end and if so did you find the outlet for it. Got me bu66ered! Cant find an outlet and cant work out whether its 12 V or 5V

    1. Thanks mate. That foam decking mod has been working a treat. Have had many people thanking me for that one. Haha.
      In regards to the light… it didn’t come with one. However. We were gifted one exactly what you describe. We’ve used it once over the kitchen. But no… no outlet for it. We have other lights that use the same connection to a cig plug. So we just use that.

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