We have our new camper, the new MT1 Kings Camper Trailer. So far we are loving it on the maiden run. 6 Month Review will come after more use.

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25 thoughts on “MT1 KINGS CAMPER WALKTHROUGH, Cheap or Good Value?

  1. Mate, I recon not having an inbuilt cooker is the best way to go. All the campers with gas cookers, what do they do when the wind is ripping in making the cooking a nightmare, or impossible. With this camper you just move your cooking to a side out of the wind. I’ve owned a top of the line Patriot camper, a $75k Mountain Trail camper but I’m going for one of these as I think it’s way better for my type of camping.

  2. Thanks for sharing, mate. I hope you will do more follow ups with how this trailer goes – especially if you get to put it through some rugged terrain. I am thinking of getting one, too. It seems like a go-anywhere trailer and I am guessing the setup time at camp is pretty quick.

  3. Do you reckon if they had a flat lid on the front box, you could turn your tent around to create a walk up set up?

  4. It looks like a decent trailer for the price. Be following for updates on its longevity. Well done, good video 👍

  5. 20k holy shit could have gotten an mdc forward fold for less and their been around a lot longer

  6. Nice video thank you. It would be good if you could try and normalise the volume in your post production. Your voice is very quiet compared to the music bites you cut in so when you turn the volume up to hear you well and then your music bits play its very loud.

  7. looks like a great setup, the Kings product is pretty good for its price, keep the top vids happening

  8. I have been looking at getting ones these, the construction is pretty decent but as for the electrical system kings is hit and miss in that department so if a did get this camper I would be replacing it with are Red Arc RedVision Manager30 Kit with are REDARC 2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter.

  9. Question with the front box is it lockable? Can’t find any info online and can’t seen clearly if it is or isn’t on videos, also great video mate we are picking ours up in November and it was great to see an independent review not associated with kings🤙🏼

  10. Great vid, thanks for that
    editing vise, music was a louder than your voice. no biggie but i found myself turning up the volume to hear you

  11. I bought the BCF all for adventure cooker/frying pan thing and man what a beast, chucked my other cookers to the shit house.. slim design easy to cart around, cooks anything, would fit spot on with ya kitchen setup

  12. How’s it holding up now mate? It’s the box trailer layout I’m after but I’m sceptical about kings build quality

  13. Subbing as waiting on your update before shortlisting for myself. I do like the size though, looks easy to whip around.

  14. Hey mate how do u find the weights with your gear in and accessories? seems yo be very close even over the 1500 atm just with accessories pack and the roof top tent.

  15. Hi Twocrabsadventure.
    How are you going with the kings trailer after 12 months or so, is it holding up ?
    Buy the way some good vids you got 👍

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