DIY Square Drop Camper Build Walkaround 2022

DIY Square Drop Camper Build Walkaround 2022

Take a PEAK at this DIY Peak Expedition Square Drop overland camper build. his walkthrough showcases the design and outfitting of this American-made camper trailer. From the complete military grade aluminum chassis to the warm interior cabin with a touch Baltic Birch this camper is designed for the ultimate camping experience.

— From the Land to the Sea find your PEAK. —

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39 thoughts on “DIY Square Drop Camper Build Walkaround 2022

  1. Great looking build. Going to rewatch, did you tell the overall dimensions? I know it said queen bed….

  2. Such a creative build! Tiny trailer with all of the amenities! Can’t wait to see what you do next!

  3. This is an outstanding build for this type of trailer. That it is DIY makes it AWESOME.
    Well done!
    That should be a commercial model (prototype) as it looks better (and well thought out features), compared to so many others.

  4. Impressive build! Your design has many benefits that very few professionally made trailers offer! Great attention to detail and build quality! Enjoy it!

  5. Very Nice .. just a FYI Note . It’s Dangerous and also Illegal in most places to have a LOCK on your LP Access Shut Off Door. For safety in case of Fire. Awesome little Trailer Though.

  6. Absolutely top notch trailer!!!

    What and how did you apply the finish on the Baltic Birch cabinets? I thought that would did not like to except stain?

    Thank you I appreciate your humble presentation!

    1. Thank you, Before the stain we prepped the wood with a 220 grit pass then applied prestain. For the final finish we used an oil base stain (Gel Stain may be a better product to work with) and top coated with polyacrylic clear coat.

  7. Like it a lot! Love the cabinetry and the stain chosen; it gave the interior some warmth! Do you plan to add some solar panels to it? Excellent job!

    1. Thank you , the wood added some weight but we think it was well worth it in the end. We for sure want to add a couple solar panels in the near future, in the mean time we are doing research to see what set up would work best for this rig.

  8. I’m currently in the process of designing my build, what material did you use for the exterior?

    1. This trailer is not currently for sale. We are taking in several build orders to produce in the near future though.

  9. Awesome build!! Is your tongue box custom or did you order it from somewhere? If so would you share where?

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