WINTER RV CAMPING TIPS FOR NEWBIES | Don't make our mistakes!

WINTER RV CAMPING TIPS FOR NEWBIES | Don’t make our mistakes!

Last year was our first winter living in our Airstream and boy did we get our butts handed to us with winter RV camping. 🤣These are all the things we wish we would have known in advance so we wouldn’t have spent so much time freezing in the Airstream!

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__ ⏱️ WINTER RV CAMPING VIDEO CONTENTS _________________________
00:00​ – Why we know so much about winter camping tips for newbies #wintercamping
01:00 – If you don’t know your rig, don’t attempt winter RV camping
01:30 – Don’t winter camp without a surge protector!
02:20 – Always have a backup power source for winter RV camping
03:00 – Make sure you are comfortable working your generators
04:05 – When you winter camp, have backup fuel for your power sources
05:02 – If you’re living the full-time RV life, make sure to have a fuel stabilizer too
05:14 – Bring a ladder for winter camping so you can clear debris from your roof
05:53 – Bring extra blankets and a secondary heating source, like a Buddy Heater
06:40 – Campgrounds may turn off the water in winter months! #RVLife
07:19 – Not all campgrounds are open for the winter, so plan accordingly
07:51 – When camping in the winter months, check for winter weather daily!
09:13 – And don’t forget to check for wind warnings too when winter rv camping
10:50 – What should I do if I find myself in a winter camping emergency?
11:15 – Fill up on fuel – gas, diesel, and propane – ASAP in a winter camping emergency
12:10 – Make sure all of your winter camping supplies are easy to access
12:40 – If you don’t have a propane stove or oven, plan for cooking without heat!
13:20 – How to keep the undercarriage of your RV insulated in freezing weather
14:18 – Make sure to have multiple layers of clothes to bundle up in #WinterRVCamping
14:36 – Leave a comment below with your best winter RV camping tips!

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55 thoughts on “WINTER RV CAMPING TIPS FOR NEWBIES | Don’t make our mistakes!

  1. We always figured anAirstream in the winter would look like a cold soda can with the condensation on the outside haha! Also it’s great what you learn only from experience that no one ever tells you about when buying an RV in Florida.

    1. @S G — They think they have, as the floor is no longer wood that can rot, but a composite material (plastic/rubber hard foam something to other). But you are correct, they haven’t installed drain pockets or drain tubes where water is known to ingress into the RV. THOR is a classic American company (not saying that’s wrong or right) that puts profits above all else. If it lasts past the warranty end point, why spend more to improve the product?

  2. Another great video with great recommendations. KNOW you rig and equipment. Or head to Tampa for January.

    1. Thanks, Edward! We now know our rig AND we’re headed to Tampa. 🤣 Isn’t that Florida sun the best?!?! L+D

  3. Great video. I know you two learned so much from your Texas experience. I learned from you two a great deal. Thank you for sharing what happened in Texas. We camp year round and we have to stay in the north east for the winter. We learned to take an extra 20 pound tank of propane. We also take ten one pound cans for our buddy heater. We use all the tips you use in your video. The Texas video helped a lot of people. You two kept it real and we appreciate that. Thank you for sharing this brilliants video on winter tips. You two are amazing.

  4. Don’t use heat pumps below 32, Airstreams have propane heaters too. I already checked mine. Also you need generators too because the propane uses a fan that runs down the battery too. Using portable propane heaters inside is risky too even catalytic.

  5. Canada -40F yup skirt insulation and true 4 season trailers a full 3.5 inches insulation, wrapped lines heat tape and heat tape on propane, the true north strong and free.

    1. Wandering Renegade, thanks for the tips! We hadn’t even thought about the propane. If you’re dealing with -40, then you’ve seen and experienced it all. We appreciate your recommendations! 🙏 Lauren + Daniel

  6. What about your pies and your wet bay you can put a ,60 watt light in the wet bay and the heat from it will keep it warm and use pool noodles around the water pipes to keep them from freezing also if the campground has water you get electric heat tape to put on the hose to keep it warm

  7. Might want to mention too that propane electric generators have less issues overall. They burn cleaner, so less gunk, less clogged or fouled spark ⚡️ plugs or ignition systems, less maintenance, less everything.

    1. Erin, that is a GREAT recommendation! We did our best to try and find an American-made/manufactured generator – thus settled on CAT (even though the parts come from overseas). BUT, we need a great generator or two that runs off of propane. You made some solid points there!!! Do you have a brand you like? We store ours in the truck bed under the tonneau cover, so ideally it’d be smaller in size.

  8. Well done! I talked to some who put vodka in their fresh water tank to lower the freeze temp of the water in a cold snap. Have fun out there. I am glad you can laugh about last year. George & Pam

  9. If you use a propane buddy heater remember to use CO detector and to crack a window open for fresh air and remember propane will freeze if the temperature is low enough and the colder it get to slower the propane will be made

    1. R, great question! It does…to an extent. The cold air passing underneath the RV makes it difficult to keep warm. The heating system runs the entire length of the Airstream, but projects heat upward from the sidewalls, thus, there’s not a lot of heat circulating across the floor. When the entire unit is warm, the floor does stay relatively warm. You just may need to have a pair of thick socks on. We ordered house socks. Think and some have traction across the bottom. L+D

  10. Hello guys. Always so nice to hear from you. Very happy to see Daniel clean shaven face. As for you, Lauren, as always, you are the sunshine of the videos. Can’t wait to see, if there is going to be one, the NYC marathon video. Love you guys! Thank you very much for sharing.

  11. Get a case of pocket hand warmer packets. The wife and I would put one in a vest pocket (not close to skin they can blister you) cover up with blankets and made it through the Texas freeze. They last 6-7 hours. We don’t have an RV yet but your adventure is definitely pointing out many things to watch out for in trailers and accessories to have. Fred in Texas

    1. Fred, that’s an EXCELLENT point about the pocket warmers! We’ll do our best to relay everything we learn so that when you embark on this journey you’ll be 10x more prepared than we were! Heck, you’ll be 100x more prepared! L+D

  12. I was in the research stage last year when you went through Texas. I definitely made sure to have generators. Something I have seen for the 1st time in Tennessee when it dropped down into the twenties several nights a couple of weeks ago are heated hoses. I stayed at 1 campground that actually supplied them in Virginia. Hoping not to need them or a skirt🥶.

    Thanks for all that you share. It’s super helpful to a newbie like me.

    Another cold weather water tip is to open the cabinets with access to plumbing to allow warmer air to circulate and also open the gray tank and leave your sink dripping.

  13. Y’all are too funny. Go up a mt and watch how winter camping is actually done. Or talk to some serious hunters. Yeah, its true – people DO go winter camping on purpose!
    Ever hear of a winter coat or ski suit? If you not ready for 🎿 Get a sled and have fun.

    1. 🤣 H Shalom, we appreciate how some people intentionally go winter camping! We’re just too chicken 🐥. That being said, sledding sounds like a LOT of fun!!!! L+D

  14. I think checking the weather forecast on apps like Open Weather or Tomorrow Weather (used to be Climacell) beforehand can help in planning what to carry on the trip.

    1. Charlie, thanks for the additional app suggestions! We’ll be sure to check them out! Lauren + Daniel

  15. Love this video. You 2 have gathered so much experience over the last year. Thanks for sharing. God bless

    1. Thank you so much! We hope you’re having a wonderful week! It’s amazing how much you learn when you get your butt handed to you. 🤣 We also don’t like to lose, so we took it as a challenge to learn as much as we could so it didn’t happen to us again. L+D

  16. I went through the Texas storm in my house. We had a friend staying here because her apt was 40 degrees. Our electricity was off and on the whole time, fortunately we have gas heat and was able to keep the house at 65. I was constantly running water in all the plumbing even in the middle of the night. I can’t imagine being in the AS in that kind of storm. Well done video guys.

    1. Thanks, g-man! Yeah, that power thing was definitely the unexpected part that got us. If gas stations had power, we could have refueled easily and a lot of the RV’s wouldn’t have had to burn through all of their propane. Every local place ran out of it quickly! Also, we ‘should’ have known better than to travel without 5-gallon cans. We looked when the storm was approaching but they were sold out everywhere. There was a 1-hour like just to enter the local Walmart. It was crazy! L+D

  17. YouTube is messing with me: I had to search for your video! You learned a lot with your Texas experience . I boondock so I always have extra water,fuel etc. I’ve had 2.5 feet of snow on my AS, so I know what you went through. Stay safe.

    1. Kurt, what the?!?! 😯
      @YouTube – you need to quit messing with Kurt’s search history, otherwise we’re coming for you! 💪
      Oh, and we learned soooo much during the Texas craziness! If you’ve had 2.5ft of snow on your AS, then you completely get it. We hope you’re doing well this week, Kurt! Lauren + Daniel

    1. 🤣 Greg, RIGHT?! But, a deal is a deal. I told Lauren that I’d shave it off after the NYC marathon. She was pretty much asking a few seconds after we crossed the finish line – so you know where she stands on beards! 🤣 I do agree with you though, it does keep your face warm. I guess it’s time to head down south before we freeze! Daniel

  18. I see the beard came off. Not so cozy in winter without it sir. Love your videos. I am absolutely looking forward to you making it to Montana.

    1. 😥 I was definitely sad to shave it off, but Lauren and I had a deal. Plus,. happy wife, happy life. 🤣 Oh, and we are very much looking forward to visiting Montana! We hear amazing things about that state. Daniel

    1. @Wanderlocal Just love your Airstream. My wife and I went over to Airstream of Tampa and really like the Flying Cloud 28RBQ. Trying to figure out how to get the ball rolling and pull the trigger. Keep the great videos coming for your home town folks here in New Port Richey…

  19. Next time you are up north purchase some lock de-icer. You can find this at any well equipped gas station or auto parts store. Up in Canada you always have this handy and of course I pick mine up at Canadian Tire. Sometimes you don’t want to leave your locks unlocked and lock de-icer will unfreeze your locks as needed. Plus, some white grease or WD-40 on the latch components to keep the water out. I prefer white grease as it doesn’t smell bad, drip, or discolour paint.

    1. Thank you so much for the tips! We had no idea they even made a lock de-icer. That is helpful to know. Also, great point about the latch components. We hadn’t even thought of that! L+D

    2. @Wanderlocal – No worries. I am glad to help. Your videos have given me some great ideas as well. It’s nice to give back.

  20. Really enjoyed this video. We are planning a long spring trip and the weather information was awesome.
    Also- Daniel the mullet is fantastic! Will your be starting its own YouTube channel?

    1. John, we’re glad you found it helpful! As for the mullet, sigh… it’s definitely trying. 🤣

  21. Great advice and only if you knew this all before Texas last year! 😂 Safe travels! Chasing RV Sunshine 😂 Joel, Deb & 🐕 Maya

    1. Joel, Deb & Maya, no joke, right? Although that wouldn’t have been nearly as entertaining to watch. 🤣🤷‍♀️

    2. @Wanderlocal That’s so true! 😂- Hopefully someone else can learn from this and wonderful of you to share the tips with others!

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