Top 10 Tips For Going Camping In An Electric Vehicle

Top 10 Tips For Going Camping In An Electric Vehicle

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Make the most of the flexibility available to you.

Fortunately, your new home is so comfy that you forget you’re sleeping in a car. If you can’t get that idea out of your head, consider the advantages of your decision. You’re ephemeral, adaptable, and untethered. You may get into the driver’s seat and start going if you want to go somewhere new first thing in the morning. Everything you require is already in your possession.

While driving or trekking, have an open mind. Stop if you see anything intriguing. Consider extending your stay if a campground neighbor tells you about a fantastic trek she went on the day before. Permit yourself to bask in the freedom that the vehicle offers.

But Still Do Some Planning

Although it may appear that you can set up camp anywhere with your vehicle—after all, your house is on wheels—it is essential to plan ahead of time. On a long drive, a little go-with-the-flow is essential, but determining where you’ll park at each leg may relieve a lot of tension.
If you can’t come up with a precise strategy, draw a map of potential halting spots along your journey. Once you have that knowledge, you may drive as long as you like and stop wherever is most practical at the moment.

Also, before you go on the trail, make a list of charging points throughout your path. Electric vehicles, like Tesla, have their own route optimizer, and applications like A Better Route Planner and PlugShare are also available. EV charging points may also be highlighted on Google Maps. Evaluate if the charging site has any nearby amenities (including a supermarket, restaurant/café, etc.) and how long exactly you may have to remain there.

Take Your Trip in Warmer Weather

Warmer temperature improves the performance of EV batteries (unless in severe heat), thus you’ll get greater range from your battery. At one test, electric cars lost a total of 18.5 percent of their range at -2oC (28.4oF) in temperatures under zero. You can take a sightseeing tour in any weather circumstances that you can in a gas-powered car: you simply have to prepare appropriately.


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