Summer Camping Tips – [ Snake Bite Preparation ]

Summer Camping Tips – [ Snake Bite Preparation ]

There’s so many summer camping tips to discuss. But one that’s often overlooked is snake bite preparation for your next summer camping trip with your family.
Going camping during the months of summer are generally the best time of year for many families to go away and really enjoy the great outdoors during the warmer weather.
The only thing is snakes also enjoy being active during the warmer months.
Summertime is when snakes are out and about, and you need to be very prepared for the time should someone get bitten by a snake.
Having a good first aid kit is really important to treat any form of snake bite and having a Personal Location Beacon ( PLB ) to raise the alarm if you are camping in a remote location.
Go prepared when you head away camping over summer and hopefully these summer camping tips will help you out.

29 thoughts on “Summer Camping Tips – [ Snake Bite Preparation ]

  1. I had a good friend who got bitten by a snake on his ‘old fella’ , I got on the SAT phone and had a talk with the flying doctor for advise on what to do. The doctor said that I needed to suck out the poison or he would die….. I really miss old mate 👍👍🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 in all seriousness great advise Tim, better to be prepared than sorry.

  2. Great practical vid Tim. Well done. Wow, same PLB as us! Two snakes last summer on o’nite hike, one took off, the other sat there and dared us to come closer. Yep, first aid coarse every 3 years.

    1. Gday mate,
      Thanks mate for your reply and feedback.
      It’s not fun when they sit up and check you out.

      Cheers Tim

  3. Good info Tim, I would always encourage people to carry emergency car or medical equipment even if they DONT know to use it, you just never know who may come along, the for taking the time to pass on the knowledge

    1. That is a good point. . .
      In an emergency, on a 000 call, the call taker will coach those on scene what to do BUT a first aid course background is definitely helpful.
      I carry Asprin but would only use if instructed by a Medical expert. (Stroke or Cardiac)

  4. Heading out to the High Country on a solo trip tomorrow and eventually over to the Snowy River across country. Got my PLB and my Snake Kit…lol

  5. Well done Tim, great advise and tips, along with normal first aid kit have put that exact snake bite kits in the wife and kids cars. Interaction with them is part of living in our great land, city and country. They are magnificent… but have a nasty bite. Loose clothing, long thick socks and good boots are the go.

  6. The family in the desert set off an ePurb. They were very well prepared. The rescue was initiated because of very hot weather on the horizon xx

  7. Tim, thanks for your reply on tracks from Omeo to Tom Groggin, cause of the weather I went north west instead, camped where you camped where the Murrumbidgee meets MM. Then down the East side of Murray sunset. Wyperfield, and the Iconic circuit at Grampians. Fab trip.
    But what I was wondering 1, does fitting snorkel change the manufacturers wading height. My Pajero has a 700 mm wading height but the air intake is 900mm under the bonnet, so is the 700 mm to also to protect the alternator, starter motor, radiator and any computers in the cabin foot well? 2, I also noticed hardly anyone uses a blanket over the front of a car when doing a water crossing? 3, I was also interested in your understanding of the track classification system, in particular black and double black. I was going down a black, Launders Track in the Grampians and it’s got a 700 mm drop off about 2 km in. I had a chat to a local ranger he said the track was supposed to be closed. I’ve also emailed Parks vic and suggested they delete the alternative Launders track from the circuit.
    Keep up the great work


  8. Thanks Tim great information as usual. It would be nice if less people were bent towards killing them. they are part of the environment, have their role and are protected. Stay away from them and they will stay away from you. The only snakes I am aware of that will chase you to bite you are Taipans and King Browns (the snakes not the big brown bottles, although enough of them will make you feel pretty ordinary).

  9. Hey Tim another great video, a few mates and I were camping over the weekend and we had a brown snake sliver past us only a couple of meters away, so there already out and about.
    Quick question on your diff protection where did you buy them from?

    1. G’day Robert,
      Thats it mate, its that time of year again when snake will be active big time.
      I got the diff protection from Harris Hard Core in WA.

      Cheers Tim

  10. Nice one Batesy . I have one for you a lot of people talking about what tracks / camping areas you can take a caravan / camper like a swan outback . Talbotville etc could be one you could cover as I see
    Comments on socials multiple times a week ! Where to base around dargo etc just a thought . Good vid this one mate I ordered the kit !

    1. G’day John,
      Great idea mate about spots to base camp around the Dargo area.
      That could very well be my live chat for next week.
      Thanks heaps for the feedback mate, i do appreciate it.

      Cheers Tim

  11. Great topic Tim thanks. Was a keen fly-fisher in many of those remote mountain streams but I gave it away after just too many snake encounters …….. ended up just shitting myself every time I went away & now just enjoy the camping & touring aspect of getting away.

    1. Thanks mate. Yeah along the rivers on sunny days is where snakes do like to hang around.
      Good you never got bitten by one.

      Cheers Tim

  12. Just received our ACR beacon. The designated snake bite kit arrives this week. Thanks for sharing your knowledge mate. Was looking at sat phones and other options but you’re right. No subscriptions to think about or anything. You don’t need to be tech savvy either. 😂 See you out there one day. Good on ya Tim. 👍

    1. G’day John,
      Thats great mate, both are life saving items to have when you go away.
      Top stuff mate and thanks for your reply.

      Cheers Tim

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