RV WINTER CAMPING TIPS & TRICKS - A Complete Guide to Success!

RV WINTER CAMPING TIPS & TRICKS – A Complete Guide to Success!

A lot can go wrong when RV Winter Camping. Last year, we spent and entire winter living in our RV with harsh conditions. This video will be your complete guide to the best tips and tricks on how to winter RV. We will cover all the essentials on winter RV camping including:

– RV Skirting (options and pricing)
– RV Propane (basics and best practices)
– RV Emergencies (how to manage inclement weather and frozen pipes)
– Biggest mistakes with RV winter camping
– Most important tool while winter RV living
– PLUS many more tips

We have made a lot of mistakes while winter RV camping, so we will be covering a ton of information. It will be beneficial for you to write these tips & tricks down to refer back to.


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DIY Skirting Blog Post



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⏱ Timestamps:

00:00 Video Start
01:30 RV Arctic Package – What Gives?!
01:57 RV Skirting – It’s a MUST
02:34 Types of RV Skirting
04:06 Why You Can’t Rely on Electricity
04:54 RV Underbelly Breakdown
05:24 Propane Considerations (pricing, options)
06:29 We Need Your Help!
06:51 Biggest Mistake We Made Winter RVing
08:10 Managing Water While Winter RV Camping
09:11 Holding Tanks – Don’t Make This Mistake
10:00 RV Tanks Heaters
10:36 Most Important Tool for Winter Camping!!
11:54 How to Stay Warm in Your RV
12:45 Do You Recommend This?
13:02 A Huge Culprit for Heat Loss in Your RV
14:12 Coping With Emergencies (Best Tips)
15:52 Stuck in a -5 Degree Blizzard
16:30 Best Apps for Weather Monitoring (FREE)


A large influence on this series has come from content creators like Keep Your Daydream and Changing Lanes. The style of this video is also similar to You, Me & the RV or Less Junk, More Journey in parts.

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54 thoughts on “RV WINTER CAMPING TIPS & TRICKS – A Complete Guide to Success!

  1. Spot on with this Video . First winter for me . All my research is in this video 😃.

  2. Holly and I are so glad there we found you guys and subscribed. You young’ins are hilarious and also very informative at the same time. Keep on bringing the tips and humor.
    Blessings, Doug and Holly Halonen

  3. Awesome video #ThanksHanks! 190 days and we hope to chase the 70 degrees! Quartzite is not my favorite place in the U.S. but a lot less chance of the freaky blizzard or 10 degree weather. Hope to see you two on the road.

    1. That is so true! We have yet to visit there someday but know it’s a popular spot to go! Thanks for your comment and feedback 😃

  4. Here in the upstate of South Carolina and it is getting into the low 40s and high 30s. And it’s only November… makes me nervous knowing we’re not far away from the official transition to RV life. Very helpful information you two are giving. Very much appreciated.
    #thankshanks #goodcontentgang
    May I add that is nighttime temps. We still reach the 70s during the day

    1. Definitely hear what you are saying Jonathan!! We are so happy that you enjoyed 😊🙌🏼 Do you think you are going to need to skirt eventually??

  5. One thing I do is, I get blue painters tape from the Dollor tree and use a lid from a ice cream container. I use the lid as a template, cut a circle the same size as your air conditioner vents. Use the tape, start at one end and overlap the tape all the way down. Trim with scissors peal and stick on air vents. Thanks.

    1. That’s fantastic information Ron!! Thank you for taking the time to share this with us and everyone reading 😃👍🏼 Keep these great tips coming, we hope to hear from you again soon!!

  6. Learned so much from you guys, thanks! We are full time rv living in mid Michigan. As some added things we’ve learned..
    -get an small hose and an rv toilet wand like the camco swivel stick. You can use this to help flush your black tank by making a quick connection in your shower instead of hooking a separate hose up outside, especially if your spigot has been winterized.
    -put a thermostat sensor under your camper so you know what’s going on underneath your camper AND in your basement.
    -Foam skirting was totally worth it! Cheap and effective! Throw a heat light under there for a little extra insurance as well.
    -if you have a heated water hose remember to wrap your water filter if it’s outside. Otherwise it’ll freeze, expand and crack.
    -plastic wrap your windows! It’ll help with condensation on your windows and it’ll create that air gap without blocking out the sun, which also helps heat your rv. Remember the sun is a free heat source!
    -if you can use your fireplace or space heater do so when you can. It’ll help combat the condensation alongside your dehumidifier.
    -Lastly, plan ahead! If you haven’t gotten your camper yet but expect to be winter camping at some point, plan on getting a 4 season. While it usually means Florida 4 season and not northern North America 4 seasons, it does help. Coming from mid Michigan, it’s made a huge difference to have all of the cracks and crevices already sealed up for us by the manufacturer.

    1. This so so great! Thank you so much for sharing Holly! We need to write a lot of these down!

  7. We upgraded to a heat pump on our solitude. But, it works only in the living room area. We use a space heater and two dogs!

    1. This is great Lisa!! Didn’t even think of the upgrade to a heat pump 😃🙌🏼 thank you for sharing this! Have a wonderful weekend, talk again soon ❤️

  8. I feel like the best winterizing tip you can give is to not live where you need to winterize LOL

    1. Lol so true 😄🙌🏼 That would be the ideal situation for sure!! Thank you for watching, we hope to hear from you again soon!!

  9. We aren’t full timers but we have been snowed on and in and subject to below freezing temperatures. We have a four season rig and things have frozen on us. We are able to work our way through these freezes even though some minor problems have occurred. I don’t want to rip into the under belly of our trailer but I wish there was a safe and moderately easy way to put heat strips around our Pex tubing. That would take care of the worst of our issues. Thank for another informative and facially entertaining video.

    1. Yes, that would be amazing! I was thinking
      the same thing. It would be quite the pain to access all the underbelly and have to drop the insulation. It’s great to hear from you guys, thank you so much for sharing 😊👋🏼

  10. How much propane would someone go through per day during winter? Surely not 30 pds?!? What’s the daily cost? Thank you for the wonderful video. Glad to see y’all doing well. ❤️ btw update: My husband had a job interview he’s hired pending his background check. Praying and fingers crossed!

    1. Congrats!!! That is great news!

      It depends on temperature! During the negative and single digit temps in Colorado last year we had to fill a 30lb tanks every 1 to 1.5 days -ish. Cost around $24-27 to fill at the time there! Thanks for watching 😃 Best of luck with everything!

  11. FYI, You can get 100 lb tanks at menards for about $160 before rebate. Then here in Ohio there’s are plenty of places to fill them. Where I fill mine charges $2.99 per gallon.

    1. This is great information Richard! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this out for us and everyone reading 😃👍🏼 That is a great deal on the 100 lb tank! Have an awesome weekend, we look forward to catching up again soon 😊

  12. Making igloo… Use your sandcastle tools for the beach.. particularly the one for forming bricks. Or your bread pans. Pack the snow in them to make snow bricks to build your skirting. It will work if you get enough snow. If you are using blankets/tarps and the snow is not that heavy, will work as anchors on the tarp/blankets to keep them from blowing up.

    1. This is a great suggestion Patricia!! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this out for us and everyone reading 😃👍🏼 It sure is a lot of work to stack up that snow as a form of an igloo right??

    2. @HappilyEverHanks Yes, it is. And it will only last as long as the snow does. But a a backing like the tarp skirting may help with keeping it stable. More than two or 3 layers and stakes going though them may help. But if you are into building snow forts or even snowman, it is doable. Just need enough snow to do it

    3. Yeah that’s the key for sure, having enough snow. We appreciate you Patricia! Hope to catch you on another video soon 😃👋🏼 Stay safe!!

    1. Thank you very much Michael! We appreciate your awesome support 😊🙌🏼We never asked, are you living the RV life??

    2. @HappilyEverHanks Im just starting out. Two trips last year. Just started booking 2022 trips to ensure I have the campsites. I don’t have my own rig (yet). I’ve been renting the exact model rig I was looking at purchasing from a couple just a few miles from me. It’s worked out perfect! It’s been a great experience, so far, in learning about the rig, what I like, what I don’t like about the rig. I’m still sold the model, which works well for me and the couple that owns the rig. Three trips planned for this year. I’m looking forward to learning more this coming year…the good and the “challenges.”
      Thanks for asking.

  13. Great tips. How do you get all that tape for skirting off your rig?
    1. Use the electric heat, but run the furnace fan to circulate the heat to the remote areas.
    2. Instead of pipe insulation, try caulking backer rod. It can be rolled up when not in use, comes in smaller sizes if needed.
    3. Heated water hoses are fine, but the water source is going to freeze anyway.
    4. Motor homes have the advantage of using the chassis heater.
    5. If the battery(‘s) are in peril, just start your motor home or reconnect your tow vehicle to your trailer to recharge.

    1. Thank you so much! It actually came off fairly easy. Now there was some residue left over, but I just used goo gone to help remove the remaining adhesive 🙂

      Love these great tips that you have provided!! Oh my goodness you are so awesome 😃🙌🏼 Keep these great tips coming!!

  14. Wowza…. Came for the info…. Staying for the smokin hot Hank….. He’s chill too tho….

  15. If you were to put that skirting on your 5th wheel , where do you store it between locations. Would it not be better to put skirting that you can snap on and fold it up when traveling. Like Vinyl material like the bra you put on your coach . I hope the two don’t have a bra made of that. LOL

    1. We actually just got rid of our skirting after taking it off. To be honest, we don’t plan on winter RV’ing like this again LOL We are ready to head south and stay somewhere with lots of warmth and sun 😊It definitely would be better for the snap on skirting, but that can be pretty pricy. I would imagine if we continued to winter RV camp, we would invest in a high quality of skirting instead!

      Thank you so much for watching and reaching out! It’s great to hear from you again 😃🙌🏼Have a wonderful week, stay safe!!

  16. Hey Hanks. I have lived in a camper with no slides scene August 2010. I have a 325 gallon lp tank at a little over 70 percent full. I leave my gray tank open all the time. i only disconnect the drain hose when I have a problem. When it is down below freezing I leave the shower/bath tub dripping to keep it from freezing. Because gas prices are going up, I am using an electric heater to help stretch the gas.

    1. Hey Joe! It’s great to hear from you friend 😃How is North Carolina treating you these days?? That’s awesome you are rocking a 325 gallon tank!! 😱Is it easy to connect your unit to the tank? You are on your own property as well right? We really enjoy hearing your feedback and the setup you have! Thank you for taking the time to write this wonderful information out for us and everyone reading!!

    1. Hi Mary!! Thank you for your kindness and support 😊❤️It’s great to meet you! Are you living the RV life??

  17. Thanks so much for sharing important information in such a fun and concise manner! I’m in the PNW and it’s that time of year when I’ve got to decide whether to winterize or to just mange things so I can squeeze in another camping trip or two. Your tips help!

    1. Hey there! Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us and leave such an awesome comment 😊🙌🏼That’s wonderful you are in the PNW, that’s where I (Kyle) am from! California to be exact. What kind of RV do you currently own??

    2. @HappilyEverHanks Rockwood GeoPro 19FD … great couples camper for me wife and I. First time we’ve owned a trailer and we love it. Some beautiful places to camp here in Washington!

    3. Fantastic! That is so great for you both 😃Yes, Washington is so beautiful! We can’t wait to come back again and explore more. The last time we were there, we did some White Water Rafting on the Skykomish River near Index, Wa. What are your names by the way?

    4. @HappilyEverHanks Awesome! We recently camped at a National Forest campground on the Skykomish just outside of Index!
      Rick & Shari
      Let us know if you ever come back this way!

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