Camping with children can be daunting at first, especially with babies and toddlers. Over the years I’ve picked up a few tips to help make the experience even more fun and minimise stress, so I’m sharing them with you. Hope you find them helpful. And please share your best family camping tips in the comments… I’d love to hear them 🏕✨🔥🌳



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    1. Most have been recommended to us or suggested by friends. But coolcamping is a good site to try ☺️

  1. Oh so brave to go with the baby! Great video! I’d love to take my little ones camping one day! Still super nervous to take my 2year old he he

    1. I was really nervous too. And actually, it was easier with a tiny baby than it was to take her a year or so later! It all worked out well though 🙂 Thanks for watching x

  2. Thanks for the tips. I especially love the box as a bath idea. Can’t wait to get camping again went for first time as a family last yr.

  3. Hey Kate! Adore your camping videos! I went to 3 Cliffs Bay with my 6 month old after watching your videos 💕 i was just wondering where you got your flag for your tent, the one with gin on it haha! Would love to get one for our set up 🥰 Can’t wait to see more camping vids especially a set up 😍🏕 ✨

    1. Thanks so much for watching ☺️ Did you like Three Cliffs Bay? I had the flag made as a gift for Dan. Designed it myself and had it printed by a company called Mr Flag xx

  4. Taking our two young boys 1 and 5 camping, I’ve seen your videos o love your stove I have been trying to find one like that.

    1. It’s the stove from our old house which Dan decided should become our camping fire 😂 Thanks for watching x

  5. How do you deal with the youngest kids? Will they sleep anywhere or do you manage to squeeze some sort of travel cot up? Thinking of camping (family of 6 with our youngest kids being 1 and 3 still in cots!)

    1. They have always slept either next to me and Dan on the inflatable bed, or on their own single blow up mattress. We had a sleepyhead when Marnie was very small, which worked well ☺️

  6. Thanks for this, was so excited to see this pop up on my feed! Watched your last camping trip video. How do you like your bell tent?
    We used to go camping 15 years ago, then got a trailer tent, then back to tenting, then got a caravan and now back to tenting again! Just got an air tent after buying a poled tent which didn’t stand up to weather In our back garden a couple weeks ago!
    Caravanning has plus points, I showered in ours, big advamtage for me! There’s the toilet, big kitchen area, no need to worry about rain, but it just doesn’t feel like camping. We would sit n watch tv instead of sitting outside in the dark, I miss that. So looking forward to getting bk to it!
    I’ve just bought an Andes bag for all of our kitchen things, outwell sell them but Andes were half the price and is basically the same. Just grab and go! Also bought the vango cuisine unit which I’m looking forward to using. Love the idea of taking slow cooker 😋
    TIP: Just got the king size coleman comfort air bed, sooooo comfy! But a tip I would give anyone not used to camping is to make sure to put insulation UNDER the air bed…or the bed will feel damp in the morning, like you peed! A sleeping mat or foil backed picnic blanket or fleece blankets would be good.
    Going to do a trial packing up the car…got a feeling it’s not all going to fit!

    1. We take a van now 😂 mostly because of everything Dan says is essential! That’s a good point re caravanning… hadn’t thought of it like that. Thanks for the air bed recommendation. Will have a look because we need a new one ☺️

    2. @Kate Bridge Hi Kate. Thanks for your replies 😊
      With the coleman bed, I put a duvet on the top, and then a fitted sheet on top of that, super comfy. Hoping the duvet fits in the car, ill have to sit on it the way to site!

  7. Another TIP: take a camping toilet if you have room to take one, or just a collapsible bucket that the family know is just for toilet use only! It’s great for middle of the night, especially with kids. And some kids, when they need to go, they need to go now! And toilets can be far away at some sites.
    Also: Wet Wipes are your best friend whilst camping!!! All sorts of uses.You can get eco friendly ones too.

  8. I always take my slow cooker so you can have a nice warm meal and you’ve done the work before hand. I spend ages on line looking at campsites before we book one, does it allow dogs, is there a playground, do the showers and toilets look clean. The list of particulars seems to get more each year 😂 far from the days where my husband and I would just take a tent and any camp field would do. We don’t take a gazebo but if you do make sure the campsite allows them cuz some dont. Liked this video it was really interesting x

    1. That’s a good point. Most of the sites we visit regularly allow them, but not all do. Thanks for watching x

  9. We are going on our 1st ever one next week…im.not worried at all about the kids its just the hubby😂😂…i wonder what you pack clothes wise on these camping trips…unsure what to bring as space is limited we just have a car… were just going for 3 nights to start off with…

    1. Next time we go, I’ll definitely do a pack with me video. I try to pack as light as possible, but it’s always tricky with the British weather ☔️ 😬 Enjoy your trip xx

  10. Iv just come across your channel and been watching some of your camping videos. Noticed you have a Marnie my little girl is also Marnie she is 10 now xx

    1. Kate Bridge Thanks, I’m really torn between a bell tent or an inflatable tent at the moment. We’re a family of 4.

  11. Would you recommend the bell tents? I have 5month twin girls and a 5 year old boy and want to start camping but I’m torn between the 5 metre bell tent and a berghaus air tent just can’t make decision? yours looks great cheers

  12. Just discovered your channel! Taking my 3year old on our first camping trip next week! Would love you to film a packing/set up video! I’m also 6months preggers so debating if I’ve just lost the plot a little 🙈

  13. Love the slow cooker tip! were going camping for our second time in a couple of weeks. With four children and a dog!!!! So iv been searching you tube for helpful tips and tricks to help make our experience easier, better and more comfortable! and this is one of the best tips i come across, that i will definitely be using. So, THANK YOU 🙂

  14. Omg I just wanna read the comments but they’re too long 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  15. I’m so glad I found your video! We’re taking our 4 young kids camping THIS week!! New sub 😀

  16. Thank you for the baby bath idea!! I too have an aiden who is currently 4 and HATES the shower and I’ve been wondering how we are going to tackle this next trip. You’re a life saver!

  17. Thank you for this. Been camping by myself since a child. But now that I’m married with a two year old it helps to know some tips for family camping!

  18. These are such great tips!! Now I’m extra looking forward to camping this weekend with our baby and toddler. Thanks!!

  19. Thank you for this video! We are a family of 5 and going camping for the first time next weekend for my sons bday! I’ve been binge watching camping videos. This one was very helpful!

  20. I am no newbie, just excited about the first camping trip of the year this weekend so I’m binge watching camp videos lol. You put together a wonderful list for new campers! I COMPLETELY understand about the kids bringing along their devices!! Us as parents have to kind of “meet in the middle” by not only limiting screen time, but also understanding that these days technology is such a huge part of this new generation’s lives! So no judgement here! Also, this Saturday is calling for rain on our trip, so I’m sure that the phones and tablet will save my daughter and neice from hours of boredom. I am bringing games, cards, coloring books, etc. but no harm in watching a couple movies as well!😉💓

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  22. Hi great video. So glad I found your channel.. I’m looking at taking my 3year old daughter camping for the first time this year. Thanks for all the great ideas 💡👍

  23. SO NICE……………………………………………………….. LOVELY………….

  24. Great video, thanks for this. We plan our first family camping trip this half term. 😁

  25. I’m looking at buying a setup for camping as kids are now 4 and 2 and will hopefully enjoy it. But I’m not sure how electric hookups work. Do you need special cables or are they provided?

  26. Really useful info, we are just starting out and have a four year old. Got the gear but no idea

  27. Rule number 1 start them young so when you have a second theyll know more and can help more so its not a handful watching both kids and repeat for all the kids. Also bring a bucket and garbage bags with kitty litter or sawdust to help absorb. Bring a portable shower that heats in the sun.last bring a tarp for privacy and if you want another for shade

  28. Awesome tips. I purchased a portable battery generator. It will run all your power needs even the portable fridge. You can also hook up solar to them.

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