Family Camping Tips - GO Outdoors

Family Camping Tips – GO Outdoors

Spending a night or 2 camping can be an exciting way to enjoy the outdoors, but there are a few pieces of equipment and things you need to know, that will ensure your trip is an enjoyable experience. In this video guide, we explore the world of Family camping and offer up some helpful tips and hints to those first time campers.

The first tent which we look at is the Hi Gear Atakama 5. It is a classic dome design, and like all dome tents it offers a good compromise between internal space and stability. With most family dome tents they come with fiber glass poles which are suitable for most conditions and keep the cost of the tent down. Whereas, alloy poles tend to be stronger and more durable, but they are more expensive and are mostly supplied with high-end tents.

Another popular design is the tunnel tent. In the video, we demonstrate why they are generally the quickest tent to pitch and give you a lot of space, especially headroom that extends the length of the tent. But its important to remember to always peg out the guy lines on a tunnel tent, regardless of the conditions, also it’s worth trying to pitch a tunnel with either the tail, or nose into the wind.

Choosing the right tent for your family is an important decision that will help provide days and weeks of enjoyment.

Happy Camping!

55 thoughts on “Family Camping Tips – GO Outdoors

  1. thx bro last time i went camping we swam in the lake then we came back and are stuff and tent were gone lol!

  2. …is that camping in the UK? Pitching a tent in a landscaped field next to a lake, having brought multiple appliances along? I agree with another poster, just buy a Coleman pop-up camper and be done with it.

  3. i cant wait to take my daughter Jennifer and Son Lee to Ruscin Florida for a camping trip soon- Thank you for this great video.

  4. Pegging the groundsheet taut before you pitch? Can’t do that with mine! You’d never be able to get the pins in because there isn’t enough”give” to be able to bend the pole!

  5. This comment made me laugh. I’m originally from the USA and did a lot of proper camping as a child with scouts and family. Now, I live in the UK and find camping over here very very different. A big grass field with a shop and playground nearby? Still, now I have two children I am not complaining.

  6. Unfortunately in the England it’s against the law to pitch up a tent where ever you like, you have to go to specially marked campsites. You can still ‘wild camp’ in a lot of Scotland however.

    The accessories range in comfort, depending on what people are comfortable with. Not everybody camps with a full range of kit.

  7. What a beautifully natural video. You just couldn’t tell that it was in any way scripted. I’m definitely sure in the ”few” out takes there were, that she wasn’t calling him a ”c*nt, and he wasn’t calling her a pr*ck”. The married couple from Father Ted springs to mind..

    1. thanks..  you just answered my question.. where is this ?  I thought I recognised Ullswater, walked by this site a few mnths ago looking for a fishing spot. I live in Kendal btw

    2. @john b handy been back for a 2hrs. Started staying at syke side down from patterdale part of the kirkstone pass road. Awesome camp site just in a stunning to brothers waters.

    3. recommend Castlerigg Farm campsite to, above Keswick. I know Sykeside, a bit expensive if I remember. Also..  Hawkshead Old Hall campsite is very good, (open till Jan.) a gentle walk into the village. Happy camping 

    1. +Glen Kelly yep in other words car or truck family camping. or tent living… (not much difference for some people.)

  8. Dear youtube:
    I don’t camp in the UK.
    I camp in the American Desert.
    This information is useless.
    We could die in this tent.

    1. Hello there,

      We’re a UK outdoor retailer, this video was created by us for use by our customers. We’d recommend checking out some videos more in line with your chosen hobby.

    1. I only have a 10 man for my wife, two daughters, the dogs and myself. then the 4 man for storage, the pop-up gazebo for cooking and dinning and utility shelter for shower and bathroom. Yes there’s nothing like spending a weekend roughing it.

    2. I’ve just bought an 8 man tent for me my wife and four kids aged 16, 12, 7, and 1 1/2 years old. The 1 year old will be in a littlelife twin arc travel cot.

      I hope it’s big enough for us all for a week away lol

    3. I just bought a 10 man for 4 of us…and looks like just 3 of us will end up going, will be a whole bedroom each 😂

  9. half of my tent was made in 1951, the other half was made in 1953, both saw service in the korean war, then were re sold on the civilian market, where i bought them, and had them ever since, no need for one of those circus tents

    1. Haha and me…..Rod Jane and Freddie. They were all drugged up to the eyeballs when filming rainbow apparently!

  10. Some really good tips. We travel in a very little 1973 midget and camp out of it all over the US. we travel very light because are car is so small, maybe we will see you on the road someday. Jane and Glenn
    #​@t or YouTube

  11. Whats the point of doing a setting up tent video if its going to be speeded up utter rubbish

  12. Tripping over guy lines piśśed coming back from pub .No thanks I’ll stick to camper van .

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