Fall And Winter Camping Tips! | Hot Tent Hammock camping fun!

Fall And Winter Camping Tips! | Hot Tent Hammock camping fun!

Tips for Fall and Winter Camping are so fun to talk about, and I thought my most recent backpacking trip would be the perfect time to talk about just that! And what makes it even more fun, is doing some HAMMOCK HOT TENT camping!


One Tigris Tegimen | Hammock Hot Tent


Silky Gomboy 240 saw


My topquilt, UGQ Bandit 20F :
Osprey Exos
Outdoor Vitals
Mountainsmith (Wanda’s Pack)

Ruffwear (Wandas old Pack)

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27 thoughts on “Fall And Winter Camping Tips! | Hot Tent Hammock camping fun!

    1. Trip went really well, shelter worked out great, held up nicely with a bit of wind. Next step, is testing with a stove.

  1. You have to show me the hammock shelter hot tent with the stove operating. That is cool! Happy Hiking!

    1. Definitely something I wanna do, hopefully soonish. Finding it hard to get time out on trail with the holidays coming up, and spending time with the little man, but hopefully soon!

  2. Hey Matty. The Slick is humming this season for ya.

    Tip for ya, I recently switched from trailers to lacrosse hunting boots. The aeroheads specifically. Tons of miles on all different ground types and they’ve been a revelation. 0 hot spots, warm, waterproof. Consider them or try them on at the store and see if ys like them. The foot area is pretty much boot crocs. Amazing.

    1. Im not an overly big fan of boots, as i prefer trail runners, but ill check em out if I see a pair

  3. Excited to see more with that tent! I’ve been seriously considering it even though I’m not a hammock person. It seems like a generous amount of interior space for the money and weight.

  4. Haha! Humor and not taking it too serious is appreciated. That’s a tip for a good backpacking trip in itself.

  5. I just saw Justin’s video. Congratulations on your purchase. I’ve seen you in your buddy’s hot tent but now you have a nice piece that fits your style. Nice room in that thing , lots of space for gear being off the ground in a hammock.

  6. It’s always hard to figure clothing this time of year. It seems that is most of my pack weight. Always good stuff Matty. Be well and Trail on!🥾🐕

    1. Clothing can definitely be tricky. My Patagonia parka is like my security blanket. Its lightweight, and very warm, easy to vent, so if i cant warm up adding layers, I always default to that

  7. Greay video and wonderful humor. Loved it sir and I know you had a good time, dispite some of those folks building a fire so mig you can’t sit by it……..

  8. Dude! That hammock shelter is insane looking! Love it so much!
    And… I mean, I’ve heard of digging down to the ground in the snow… but the whole campground?! Even Marty HAS to be impressed with that one! 😜

  9. That’s more like a silky GUMboy! lolol
    AND Justin with his pants off! What a video!
    Loving every moment of this man! 🤣

  10. LOL – great video Matty, love the humor! You’re not wrong about processing wood though – helps you conserve fire wood by not lighting the fire and you stay nice and warm!

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