Camping tips for beginners

Camping tips for beginners

I’ve put together a list of things you’ll need as a beginner just starting out at camping so you can get out there & start your own adventures

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    1. @Camping_downunder Yup and here is an ideas.. say for a beginner do beach camping and get bog but he didn’t have any tracks recovery or winch what shud he do?

    1. Thanks mate 👍 you’ll need all the tip’s you can get when you finally get a 4wd next year 🤣

    1. The solar shower will give you warm water but you are limited to the size of the bag. You could probably heat water quicker in a fire and fill a bucket rather than waiting all day. So great if more than one person wanted a shower per day 👍

    1. I’ve only tried the adventure kings shower and the kickass shower & I prefer the kickass one as it doesn’t need to be continuously plugged into power. Meaning you can place it as far away from the car as you like. You just charge it & it’s set to go 👍

  1. Thanks man. Any chance you could post links to some of the items you talk about. Or even just name them to make them easier to research.

    1. @Camping_downunder love to know what the brand of that fan was or what to search for (product name)on eBay. It looks awesome!

  2. Should also remind people those 10L water containers are refillable. The amount I saw on my last trip dumped next to the garbage bin or laying around camp was shocking. Take them out, Use them and bring them home to refill for next time. Great video and good to see someone not telling you that you must have a certain brand although its not hard to tell you like Kings.

    1. I’ve been using the same 10l water container for around 3 years now 🤣 they last forever. Yeah I’m not trying to push a particular brand on people. I only promote products I use myself. I started out with kings as it’s the cheapest there is & it gets people out there exploring sooner 👍 they can upgrade to something better quality in the future. We all start somewhere

    2. @Camping_downunder I’m the same. I’ve started with Kmart gear and it’s got me out there. Upgraded to stuff from BCF for fishing and camping and now I own a 4×4 I’ve started getting more from 4wd Supacenter. Some people have to go on top brands and yes they might be quality but they are not in everyone’s budget.

  3. Great video. I’m a mum wanting to start camping with my boys but don’t know where to start! This video is really helpful

    1. Thank you 😀 if you have any further questions don’t hesitate to send me a message on instagram anytime 👍 always here to help everyone

  4. One a tight budget?

    Esky= ask your greengrocer for a broccoli box. Ask nicely. They will generally give them for free.

    Keep in a shaded location, wrap in an old doona for extra insulation.

    Fill old soft drink bottles with water, freeze. Now your ice is almost free and you’ll have cold drinking water in 3 – 4 days.

    Fill old bulk pump pack (from shampoo or whatever) with water, and a little liquid soap (or whatever shampoo is left in it)… Add an ice-cream container and you have a hand washing station. Don’t forget a rag, tea towel, hand towel or whatever to dry hands. A chux wipe is useful as it dries quickly after drying your hands.

    Check out instructions on YouTube to learn how to make a pool noodle bucket toilet. You can cut out the bottom and Bury waste.

    Headlamps. Battery powered “fairy lights” (great clearance sales after Christmas, Halloween, Easter etc).

    Cheap Ornamental Garden solar lights make useful ambient tent lights for doors, path to toilet etc.

    Food. Cook your favourite freezable family meals ahead of time. Cooking it anyway? Double quantity and freeze in zip lock bag for camping time.

    Keep shoes, dry, and snake free outside your tent. Place a supermarket zip up insulated bag near tent door. Put a rock in it when your shoes are not in it, so it doesn’t blow away in the wind.

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