Camping food tips for eating on plan - MyWW

Camping food tips for eating on plan – MyWW

I feel using these tips really helped me stay on track this week. I feel like I had a very successful week !!!

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14 thoughts on “Camping food tips for eating on plan – MyWW

  1. I’m on 💜. I take 1cup containers of pre-cooked brown rice. This way I can add this to my meals and still stay on track. I also take lots of fruits and snacky veggies because I tend to snack more often at the camper. I take my Ole wraps when we make lunch sandwiches to the pool.

  2. So good my friend , you work hard , send love and support ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Kim I am glad you were able to go camping again. Kim a while back you purchased some rubber maid meal prep containers. I want to purchase that brand also, so I would love to know if they are worth buying. Thanks

  4. Hi Kim good to see you I’ve been gone for a bit we too are camping quite a bit! Last I knew WW made me angry by letting you go….anything changed ?

    1. No changes there, but I finally had to stop focusing on it so much and get back to me.. taking care of me… Not worrying about things I cannot control… I am feeling like I am finally back to myself.. Now to get back on program and get this weight back off.. being mad… did not help with weight loss.. LOL – Darn stress eating…

  5. We have a big 5th wheel and are seasonals in NH. We are at camp 3-4 days a WK sometimes more! I blow it every wkend. I NEED good camping ideas. We have a bbq and a big Blackstone so I cook a lot on that and pre-make meals. I also buy Campbell’s chx noodle home style from the dollar tree it’s like 3-4 pts per can and delicious

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