5 Wild Camping Tips For Beginners

5 Wild Camping Tips For Beginners

In this video I will go over 5 wild camping tips for beginners, if you are going trekking, kayaking, canoeing or cross-country skiing, and you want to live in the wild outside premade camp grounds.
These tips are some mistakes I have been doing myself.

I´m also making a campfire and cooking up some coffee.

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54 thoughts on “5 Wild Camping Tips For Beginners

  1. I start gettin’ the feeling you are using the same location for all you “outdoor visuals”… Thx for the tips though:D

    1. Yeah it could maybe look like that to the untrained eye 😝
      But actually it’s my first video at that exact location 😁

  2. Tip 2 = Think about what to bring… Just before tip 3.. “I did not bring a spare battery”.. I fell off my chair from laughter!

  3. Going wild camping for the first time, how do you recommend setting up a fire, in a country where wild camping is illegal? In terms of not getting spotted.

    1. clearly anonymous look up the Dakota fire hole, should be good and is what I use in the uk

  4. Hello my Outdoors friend, thank you for sharing your very informative video. You did a great job of filming and narrating. All the best to you and always have fun out there. 🤗

    1. Thank you 😊
      Well that obviously depends on your shape and how you want your trip to be. For us it’s as much about the camp life as the actual hike. So we are aiming at 8-15 km per day.

    1. Ah ok. I’m sure it would benefit a lot of people. But to be honest, I don’t have the time to sit and translate the vids.

  5. Cook coffe first thing, breakfast, check out the streams, then I like to take a nice nap when in the camp, then go fish later, couple beers late afternoon, cook dinner, build nice 2-3 hr fire, hit the hay around 10pm.

  6. Love the video – great tips! We are just planning out first wild camping trip (for next year) and I have learnt a lot. Thank you. Actually worked out quite cool and interesting with the cut in the middle!
    Big thumbs up 👍🏻😉

  7. I think tip 4 was your best tip: test your equipment.
    And then my tip would be: prepare at home. Buy a good map that shows the topography. This really makes it easier to look for a good camping site in advance. Google earth is also great. You can’t look into the woods but you might spot a nice beach.
    And then : time.
    Don’t walk, paddle, etc until the end of the day. You will be exhausted and then still need to find a good spot and set up camp.
    Thumps upp for the vid.
    Greetings from Sweden

    1. Thanks man 🙏
      Yeah finding those flat spots for a tent between the trees is not so easy on a map 😁

  8. I liked your tips. Especially the nice to haves and the must haves… difficult one! 😁 I made one of this video’s as well cause I got nominated to do so! I think your channel looks interesting, so I’ll subscribe! 😁 I’m also always afraid of not having enough batteries! ATB

  9. I have planned a 5 mile hike to a particular location I have been before. and wrote a list.
    so I had to really think what do I need and the bulk. then I packed it and tried it on. thank you for the tips. batteries and a small anchor powerbank and charger for the batteries. thank dude.

  10. Boy for someonewho came out to give beginners tips on camping has forgotten his batteries on his table at home. Always take extra batteries , lots of warm clothing , plenty to eat but not a whole grocery store full. Plenty of coffee to drink. Lots of trees where you can gather wood to burn. Always keep your eyes on your fire so a spark doesnt get loose and start a fire with something that will burn fast. These are my tips.

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