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The EPIC Family Road Trip
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On the trail

Alubox –
My Medic ️-
ARB tire repair kit ️ –
Warn recovery bags️ –
Hand saw –
Machete –
Garmin InReach Satellite Communicator –

Spot Satellite Communicators –
Navigation Tool –
Frontrunner Typhoon Bags️ –
Midland Handheld Radios –
Bear spray –
EFRT knife – email
Other knives –
Window cover mosquito nets – or
Deadman Off-Road Earth Anchor –
Axe and hatchets –
Air hose for ARB Compressor –
Jumper cables –
Stratchits – by Front Runner:
Lift Jacks –
Mosquito Repellent –

Camp life

Jackery and Solar Panel️ –
Mr. Heater BOSS-XCW20 –
Mr. Heater Buddy FLEX heater ️-
Frontrunner Water Jugs️ –
Frontrunner Brass Tap for Water Jugs️ –
Tailgater Tire Table –
ThunderBox Portable Toilet –
CVT Privacy Tent –
Frontrunner chairs –
Claymore Nightlights –
Sierra Designs Sleeping Bags – Sleeping bags:
Mens Jacket:
Womens Jacket:
Down Booties: https: //
The Original Fire Reflector –
Spare Propane Tank️

Meal prep, food and water.

ARB Fridge –
SnoMaster Fridges –
Wolf Pack boxes by Frontrunner
Camp Kitchen Utensil Set – by Front Runner
Tembo Tusk Skottle –
LODGE Cast Iron –


INSTAGRAM (@Exploration_outfitters):
Long Range America (Auxiliary Fuel tanks)


INSTAGRAM (@Goosegear): ┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉┉
67 Designs Device Holders
SnoMaster Fridges

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  1. Hi guys first time leaving a comment. I know you are sporting the AEV lift on Vandy, just curious it you have considered the Prosecutor XL for the next adventure vehicle?
    Safe travels. Phil from Grand Rapids, Mi.

  2. Aw one of my favorite areas to go camping in Oregon . Great video . Thanks for sharing your awesome videos with us all your over landing friends . Cheers from Steve Stott in Sutherlin Oregon U.S.A.

  3. could you please do something about the audio, especially when you are speaking while driving?

  4. You are so right as all the world leaders are corrupt evil people. We are headed for a very tough time I believe in the coming years. How sad for our children that we have allowed such evil to become the leaders of the free world

  5. Man that dog has an incredible set of lungs…. Enjoy watching your travels!

  6. I so look forward to seeing your beautiful family each week and watching such great entertainment on your channel. You never disappoint in your creativity and I just absolutely love you all. Stay safe and may god continue to bless you. ❤️❤️

  7. Look into 4runners!! Very reliable much quieter down roads, and just as capable

  8. If you sell one of the Jeeps; maybe a Ford or Ram full-size with a slide-in camper. Allows you to access most or all of the same places that you venture without going to a RV scaled behemoth. 👍🏻🇨🇦🇺🇸

    1. The first Earthcruiser in the video is not bigger than a full size vehicle with a slide in camper, check the dimensions, and it still fits in a high cube container.

  9. The beautiful Pacific Northwest welcome to my home been watching u guys for a while and now ya here glad ya enjoy Oregon

  10. The biggest problem with the Earthcruisers in the video is that they have a tented pop-up section and the bathroom in the entrance. Check out the SLRV Bushman 4×4, this is a solid pop-top design with a much comfortable, livible layout with separate bathroom and space saving electric lift up bed.

  11. @8:05 I saw the jeep being climbed to a small stone. I have seen the same things in another channel also. Could you educate me purpose of it please ?

  12. wow so amazing views, so peaceful for mind and hearth and Lando scouting is the best thing! PS important decisions in the future for what vehicles take&go

  13. I live in Sisters and you all drove up one of my favorite roads, especially in the snow. All beautiful area. Hope you were able to explore the area more. Also love those Earth Cruisers in Bend.

  14. No loaner from Earth Cruiser for a couple nights? Definitely look elsewhere!

  15. Lovely family.. Beautiful’s sad that I won’t be able to visit in my lifetime..

  16. The most beautiful fun channel, your followers from Saudi Arabia 💐

  17. Wow those earth cruisers would be a great idea for you guys once its just you guys and the kids are away starting their own lifes

  18. Your videos are better then 95% of channels on regular TV! Thanks again for sharing your beautiful family and travels.

  19. So peaceful. I love it. My i know the name of music track used from 9 minutes 20 seconds?

  20. We have some beautiful places in the UK, but I envy you at the stunning scenery you take us into.

  21. I enjoyed the comfortable and enjoyable video. I am overlanding in South Korea.

  22. You can’t believe that change the fire had on that pass to central Oregon. Traveled that many times and there was so much hidden behind the trees. There were areas you never saw the river it was so dense

  23. Great video guys! The earth cruiser looks really big, but it would be great for living space!

  24. Hi guys! Roberto from Mexico 🇲🇽, are you guys planing a trip to Mexico soon?

  25. Thought that looked familiar! I was just through the Detroit reservoir and Sisters area myself. That’s ongoing cleanup from last years fires!

  26. Hello, Will you be coming out with any new clothing merchandise?? I would love to have a couple T-shirt’s from EFRT!! Love you guys!!❤️

  27. I’m from Timor Leste🇹🇱🇹🇱🇹🇱
    And I really happy for watch the beautiful videos of EFRT💪 thank y for sharing the videos🙏

  28. Finally caught up, been a while, missed you guys! Enjoyed every episode (as usual) 🙂

  29. Great channel thanks for sharing. Was looking for families that travel. We are building an overlander box van conversion, on a 20ft E450 chassis.

    Earth Cruisers are cool. Gov planet has military versions that you could bid on then have the box built out.

    We are using Blackhawk Jones at Care Free Campers Co.

  30. I love a full moon and billions of stars on a dark cold night in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Wyoming and Montana, hot coffee, a warm bed waiting… coffee in the morning about dawn. Thanks for your excellent videos.

  31. So I’m not sire how long ago you where here But it would have been nice to meet up with you. My Grand Daughter and I have been following your Story for several years Now and are Grateful for your Sharing Thank you be careful out there with all the Fires . We Live in Northern California. Near the Dixie Fire and others Have fun in the Area here it’s a true Blessing take time to Drive up Mt. Shasta .. It’s truly a Blessing. Amen.

  32. I always enjoy watching it.❤️I fell in love with the white rubicon❤️I’d like you to tell me, but what are the tire sizes and lift-up sizes?

  33. So glad you were able to enjoy my backyard here is Sisters. We have lived here for three years and absolutely love it here. So many overland opportunities here in Oregon.

  34. What is going to become of the Worsley? Sell? Trade? Great looking and functional vehicle. Both Jeeps seemed to have served u well. After all they have been through with you guys they are part of the family. I would find it difficult to let them go.

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