Lightweight Camping Tent Lamps Compared

Lightweight Camping Tent Lamps Compared

Taking a look at some of the Lightweight Tent Lamps / Lantern on the market for Camping Compared.

UCO Sprout:


Coideal Bulb Light:


olight olantern:

Olight Obulb:

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55 thoughts on “Lightweight Camping Tent Lamps Compared

  1. Hi Andy. Thanks for the video. Always on the lookout for lightweight lighting options. One that I have used a lot and works well is the LUMINAID Solar lantern. Not the best option for winter camping in Kent I suspect.

    1. I do indeed.. though its just a copy, still restoring a real one when I have the time

    2. @Kent Survival Gear & Review amazing! I bought mine from amazon so it’s probably a copy too!

  2. Anyone in the market for a super compact back up hammock/tent light should consider the nebo lumo keyring torch.smaller than my thumb and puts out a decent amount of usable light.well worth the £5 I paid for it.

    1. Bit of a shame it uses several (3?) Watch batteries.
      I like the lumintop tool with the add on diffuser. Kind of a flashlight and lantern rolled into one.

    2. @I walker I just keep it in my electronics dry bag as an emergency main lantern is the oex powerlux

  3. Great review 👍 Spookily was looking to replace a small lantern, just bought the Fenix 😀 💡

    1. Feurerhand makes superlative lanterns and I love parafin as a fuel. The electric options reviewed here are the ones I would be most comfortable with INSIDE a tent. Had I a cabin, Feuerhand would win ‘hands down!’ (as we say in America.)

    2. @James Ellsworth yes, that’s true, instead when you use a tarp or a shed, the Feuerhand comes in most handy.

  4. Camp lighting is a complex and confusing topic. Thanks for posting this handy guide. Lately, I have been using the ‘bulb’ shaped light and taking backup batteries. The ‘handle’ on the bulb helps it to function as a useful flashlight to find a place to pee in the middle of the night and to light up the inside of my bivvy or hammock system without shedding too harsh a light. It is sufficent to read a paperback book by. The ‘strobe’ setting is just annoying and possibly dangerous for those inclined to epilepsy. So: the strobe setting is the one my 6-year old grand-twins want to use… Not covered here is another of my preferred choices: a headband mounted, tiltable light. This is the one for me when dusk or nightfall catches me still on a trail or in camp needing to get that last bit of wood processed or to see how things are going foodwise over the fire.

  5. Another great review, I used your discount code for Olight and brought a Olight S1R Baton II 1000 Lumens for my father in-law for Christmas, I think he’s still seeing purple spots 😆

  6. Nice to see a decent review on these. I have 4 of the coideal style but in a decent make. I’ve had mine for 6 years with my kids putting them through hell lol. I find the low settings good for not killing your eyes if you turn it on in the night. I should add I use them in my hammock as well as the family tent. Mine take AA bats and lasts ages.

  7. That’s a shame about the UCO one I really like a lot of their other products. Their stormproof sweetfire fire lighters are great. Brilliant, honest reviews though bud. 👍

  8. Hi Andy,
    Thanks for another great review video.
    I’ve had the ‘light bulb’ style lanterns for nearly two years now and have found them to be great. They are sturdier than they look and I have one in my home which has had nightly usage and I’ve only had to change the batteries once! An easily accessible ‘value’ item for someone starting out or on a tight kit budget.

  9. Hi Kent. Followed you over here from your other channel. Country boy from N.Y. USA. Loved your other channel so I thought I would give this one a try. Great information. Thanks. Keep them coming

  10. It looks to me like itonics is my choice. I know corporals corner likes his uco, but that seems like a poor light.

  11. You’ve started reviewing gear you’ve not ‘battle tested’. Not going to say anything else, but it’s a slippery slope.

    Be well and stay safe in lockdown!

    1. Eric, I agree and understand what you say. However I just saw this video as a comparison, giving specifications and price. It done me a favour as I bought the itoncs for £8.00 and I’m well pleased. I’ll give it a battle test as you put it and report back!

  12. Great review Andy, great little lamps for a great price. Plenty to think about here. Cheers mate.

  13. You missed a function with the UCO that makes it brighter. Turn it on with one click and then press and hold to change the brightness. It allows you to move through a full range of brightness instead of the multi click like the other lamps. Just a different way of doing it and it defaults to the dim setting.

    1. you’re right John, my apologies, its ok but I do still prefer the others personally. ill pic your comment for clarity, cheers

  14. The Fenix looks pretty good although from what I’ve read in the comments below re. the UCO it didn’t really get a fair review if you didn’t operate it correctly. One complaint I have about quite few lights/torches is that to access the red light to preserve your night vision you 1st have to cycle through all the white light options, that’s poor design. To be honest I use a USB rechargable headtorch with a zoom function, adjustable levels and a ‘straight to’ red light option and does everything a dedicated tent light can do.

  15. Nightcore LR10 which is sadly discontinued but can still get the panda version. Brilliant waterproof, magnetic and had it working at – 20C in Finland and amazingly the battery held up

  16. Loved your Lantern review. Would love to see your review of Back Packing Gas Camp Stoves, etc. Cheers

  17. Thanks for the review Andy, the itonics impressed me the most and for £8.00? I had to buy one. I’m very pleased with it, build quality and light output, great. For £8.00 you can’t go wrong!


  18. I just ordered a UCO candle lantern. I believe you used one in a video. I would like to see a video on different kinds of lanterns with different fuels or multi fuel. I also just got an old wick style lantern can burn lamp oil paraffin or kerosene or citronella.

  19. Take a look at the stream light seige series of lanterns. I have quite a bit of them in various models. They are waterproof and highly versatile. The seige AA is a nice portable lantern and is great!

  20. These thingies are fun to have and play with, but I don’t understand why
    people don’t just use a second headlamp as their tent light. It
    provides more than enough light inside the tent And it doubles as a
    backup headlamp in case anything happens to your main lamp.

  21. Hi, i use petzel headlamp with the lantern case from Energizer 😉 you can buy it with a headlamp but the headlamp is not very good on it’s own. Petzel has its own case, but i don’t like the way it opens with the zipper. I think it’s a weak construction and cost as much as Energizer with a headlamp.

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