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  1. First to comment. I didn’t see the link to giveaway. Does that mean I won lol. Great video brother. Gonna start my first hot tent adventure next month. What would u recommend for a starter hot tent?

    1. @nooboutdoors just added the link my friend. Sorry I’ve been busy and this video took forever to upload lol. No clue why. I have a couple videos on hot tents. One being the cheapest 1P hot tent from Amazon. That’s a pretty nice tent. I really love my 3F UL Gear teepee hot tent. I have a couple video on that one. It’s a great size, nice quality and has some cool features. So glad to hear you are going hot tenting for the first time. It’s so much fun, have fun! Thanks a lot for watching!

  2. What a glorious looking adventure. You guys are much cooler to your passed out brethren than my college buddies. Looks like no one got written on- at least on camera, Ha ha. Thanks for sharing the fun, and are you hot tenting at the wedding?

    1. @Miles Robertson lol we were talking about glamping weddings last night. His wedding was yesterday but no we werent camping for that. As far as the marker goes, I planned on bringing two markers. One sharpie and one dry erase. Act like I used the sharpie but actually used the dry erase one lol. I knew he was going to pass out by the fire. Happens every time lol. But I forgot both markers. It was such a good time bro! Thanks a lot for watching!

    2. @Adventures with Spackmann I’m going to steal that sharpie/dry erase marker idea for next time. One of my friends got the bottom of his feet spray painted orange one sleepy time. It wasn’t me….

    3. @Miles Robertson did he ever find out? How often to you look at a mans shoes/feet lol. That’s great bro! Let me know when you use it lmao

    4. @Adventures with Spackmann oh he found out. The bottom of his feet looked like a traffic cone. I’ll definitely keep you posted.

    1. @nd predator bro that chili was so gooood! As was all the food that day, pizza, chili then steak and potatoes. Eating good in the woods. Thanks a lot for watching bro!

  3. I bet getting into that big puddle the first time was a slight pucker moment lol but damn I could go for some steak and potatoes now

    1. @Corey Gunzzz I wish I recorded the first time from outside. Jay said it was over my wheels. Then when he went through after me I thought the water went in his doors lol. That dinner was amazing. Thanks a lot for watching bro!

    1. @S Furlow he is so good! Favorite would have to be his UHaul video only cause afterwards they won’t rent to him anymore lol. So good. Thanks for watching!

    1. @Michael Cano dude I did that Monday and without hesitation they are sending me a new one for Jay. It was great trip man thanks for joining us!

  4. My congratulations to everyone on the new gear. It’s really nice when you are happy with new equipment that fits what you need. My condolences to your friend and the upcoming lack of freedom as a man as we know it coming next week. 🙃

    1. @Mobile Winter Camp lol yes we know. Also yeah it’s so nice getting gear you’re happy with. Thanks a lot for watching man!

  5. Bro, you waited til 7 to have a beer? That’s tough to do while camping…usually noon for me. haha Damn, that was a lot of water! Looked like it was a fantastic time anyway, glad you guys rocked it. Remy in the morning…lol…priceless. Thanks for the vid, and stay safe!

    1. @DA Spencer we just got busy man lol. It’s usually way earlier lol. The camp site turned into a lake lol. Everything dried out quick though so no sweat. He is a hoot for sure bro. I wish I recorded him running off into the woods nonstop for chipmunks lol. You’re welcome anytime for the video bro! Thanks for watching!

  6. condolences Billy on your last weekend of freedom,, I dont understand how thats a hammock tent unless theres a hammock later,,, I like the look of your tent but I’d be concerned about the screen being to close to the stove and Im not sure why you would want to let most of your heat escape. Critters are usually smarter around fore than we give them credit for.. DUDE ya gotta flip one slice over on the other! Johm Travoltta made it famous but I learned it from my uncle at the Jersey Shore when I was jus a wee lad… oops the stove dormer DOES have 3 walls…. I carry a small gardening spade in both my vehicles, you never know when you’ll need a cathole or dirt on a fire or digging out when you went where you shouldnt have,,, Im surprised you didnt have a fire in the other tents to help keep them dry.. Ive never heard of farkle but Im not a big one for games….. dude crashes out at his own bachelor camp out and yaw did nothing?? lol…Personally I think the hole is a gimmick, the pot/pan whatever will get just as hot sitting on a solid metal surface.. It does make cooking wieners and marshmallows easier tough.. all in all it looks like a great time was had

    1. @Adventures with Mike cheers bro! Reheated camp pizza is so easy and good! Thanks a lot for watching!

  7. Can you make a video showing whats up with digging trenches to drain water next time you get caught in rain? Legit video, looked like a good time

    1. @Danny Bockius yeah I meant to show more of that but got caught up doing it and just didn’t record. Next time I will for sure! It worked well and drained the water out of the tents. It was such a good time! Thanks a lot for watching man!

  8. I get it having raised a houseful of boys… beers, farts, pee jars but very little really comparing the tents or stoves. You didn’t explain why the second stove was inferior. Nor how the trench worked or didn’t. It was great for the audience who looks for beers, farts and pee jars content but I would believe that’s a pretty limited group.

    1. @Renee Gordon I completely understand and I did slack on comparing in the video. It was more of a trip video than gear comparison. I do plan on making tent videos for the two new ones in the future. The rain trench worked well and I did miss showing that and how it worked. I was busy trying to dig and dry stuff out. You are the first one to mention the pee bottle, sorry it had to be you lol. It was too funny in my book to leave out. More gear videos will be coming soon. It’s hard to include everything into a short video that will keep people’s attention. Thank you so much for watching, even if it wasn’t exactly your cup of tea.

    1. @It’s Good in the Woods lol couldn’t think of anything else. Sounds fitting though. I saw your Hassur video last night, I too don’t like the stakes that came with both of these Pomoly tents but like you said stakes aren’t deal breakers lol. Thanks for watching bro!

  9. Was there a lot of condensation in your tent? I couldn’t tell If the water drops were outside or in. Intrested in getting one but need to know if it keeps out the rain.

    1. @Jeremy Botello when I woke the last morning those water dropped I showed we’re on the outside if that’s what you are talking about. I showed the water from the fog the first night on the inside. the first night there was some extreme fog. Which rolled through and got everything wet. Inside of every tent got wet that first night from the fog. Then the second day it rained for hours. The third day when I packed up I found two puddles in the bathtub floor that I have no idea where they came from. I don’t believe there was enough water from the fog to create those puddles but I did not notice a leak when it was raining. I need to test it more. Not sure if it leaked or soaked through the floor. Thanks for watching!

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