55 thoughts on “Hot Tent Camping In Rain #2

  1. Its like armchair camping . As if I’m really there. Just get myself some wine and nibbles. Nice.

  2. can we all agree that a freshly opened bag of coffee might be the greatest smell on earth? at least #3.

    1. yes internet is dark, and you wouldn´t believe what this guy is all about. he has stolen money from a friend of mine for his personal greed!

  3. Sie wollen wiesen warum ich das ansehe weil ich die Wildnis mag und weil man was lernen kann wie mann überleben kann wenn man alleine draußen leben tut wie mann was baut und so

  4. Hey J&K, glad to see y’all doin well on this camp. Absolutely love this tent. Looks very strong and weather durable. Also has plenty of room. That sunrise was amazing! Louiziana man wants a bagel with cream cheese and sun dried tomatoes!😆

  5. Kendra is delightful! Boomer’s new jacket is great with the zipper front (bottom?). And the nylon is rain resistant. It just seemed a little awkward to put him in the pullover. JMHO. Everything looks great! Location, tent, pizza, people and pet.😀

  6. Great content as always love the sound of rain 🌧️ on the tent relaxing am curious though doesn’t boomer rear and his little back feet gets cold love his sweater

  7. Love That Tent ! Great Stove & Oven Combo, What A Spot For Your Trip Many Thanks For This ” J ” ” K ” & Lil Boomer ! ATB T God Bless

  8. Great spot, nice footage. Love your style and equipment. How is that tent, been wanting a big dome like that or the Luxe Hercules.

  9. Sorry I’m so late getting here.
    Great to see you both, and Boomer. Beautiful spot. You never fail to impress with stunning scenery. Kendra, you’re beautiful, and you’re glowing….and not just from the fire light. Pregnancy really suits you and I’m glad is is a good healthy one.
    Love the way Boomer charges about like he does. Is he full grown or will he get bigger?
    Seeing you in the tent on the morning, doing breakfast, you both looked so happy and content and looked like you belong right there and no where else. Was beautiful to see.
    It’s been a really horrible couple of days for my family, so with the good news call this morning, and finally being able to watch you guys, today is a good day. Thanks for sharing with us. Look after each other and stay safe xx

  10. Congratulation on the up & coming new family member. Looking forward to seeing the new little camper. Nice tent set up as well. J , hoe was the condensation in the new Star river you used in the last video ? . Cheers from the Sunshine Coast.

  11. That’s a nice tent! And the location and scenery! Boomer has no coat on. Hope he doesn’t catch a cold🤣. Great video!

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