Simple lifestyle camping by a picnic table - CDT Trail #24

Simple lifestyle camping by a picnic table – CDT Trail #24

Simple lifestyle camping during a thru-hike is big joy, makes you happy and can be addictive. On the Continental Divide Trail from Mexico to Canada I live a very simple life with my backpack. I enjoy this simplicity very much. And when I get something additional or unexpected it makes me very excited and happy. Like this little simple lifestyle camping picnic table I reached on a trailhead near Lima to enjoy my dinner. How minimalism is related to a simple life becomes very obvious as a thru-hiker.

Follow me on my CDT section from the Idaho/Wyoming border to Lima and get to know why simple lifestyle camping on a thru-hike is enjoyable.

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55 thoughts on “Simple lifestyle camping by a picnic table – CDT Trail #24

  1. What cheese are you using ? I notice that it’s course grate but not melted. Nice touch for Idahoan Potatoes.

  2. Loved your segment on minimalism! 22:28 So many great thoughts for consideration, such as “The less things you have, the more important each item is.” 22:57. I also liked how you expressed that minimalism also incorporates reducing mental stress to a minimum. At the same time you acknowledge that taking minimalism to an extreme (shoe example) can cause stress. Finding that balance is so individual. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and your adventure. P.S. I knew you would be as true to the red line as reasonably possible. 👍🏻😀

  3. I loved the section your going through now. We never saw a vehicle on the jeep roads although water was an issue at times. The CD launched me on my life of simple, off grid living. I fully understand what your saying. Cool your feet when you can and walk well! 🙂

  4. Good conversation Barbara. I did the Camino Frances in 2018, my first walk alone and the feeling of satisfaction, peace, and the realization that I didn’t need a lot to be happy was amazing. Since then walking trails and mountains have become if not most of my life, a great part of my life. Would love to walk with you one day!

  5. Schöne Gegend und ich liebe deine philosophischen Betrachtungen. Sie regen zum Denken an!. Hast du neue Regenkleider? Ich wollte dies schon nach der Episode 23 fragen. Go on hiking like you planned, looking forward to next sunday!

  6. So happy to see your great video this morning. You’re stronger than ever. You’re a Walking Machine! Last week I watched Jenifer’s Journey, and one of the hikers in the background pointed at one of the high passes in the Winds and I heard him say “Dirty Money went that route!” Thanks for filming. You’re incredible!

  7. Have you met IB TAT, another hiker on trail now? You and he share similar values about trail life. He also enjoys hiking alone. You should follow him in Utube.

  8. I really look forward to seeing your videos and appreciate your outlook, strength, introspection, and journey. Also, your description of the simple life is perfect. ( And have you tried injinji socks?)

    1. I tried the socks on the PCT… But thought to buy tomorrow again, since there is the next week of rain ahead of me 🤪

  9. Ok I’m finished watching, ur doing good my dear with hike and videos, I’m enjoying ur trip, u carry on my friend an enjoy

  10. Excellent video – enjoying these longer episodes, so the viewers can get to know you better, and it can provide thought-provoking topics.

    I agree about minimalism, and I actually think the way the world is going, people will have to get used to being more minimalistic in the coming years (restrictions on movement/ownership/the food they eat/amount of energy they use, etc).

    To quote the WEF: “You will own nothing and be happy”…

    Keep going!

    1. So right!!! Yes i agree, to live minimalistic will be a need for future generations… In various topics… Well said: you will own nothing and you will be happy 💯😍

  11. Nice reflections on your minimal lifestyle. Of course, you would have more viewers if you titled this “Deadly Grizzly came to my solo camp at night“.

  12. Really enjoyed your minimalist & simple life chat! People always ask why do you hike and you just shared what I have a hard time explaining to others. Thank you! Love watching your journey!!!

  13. vraiment d accord sur le sujet de la simplicite des choses ..tout est bon sur le sentier et surtout d avoir faim ou soif

  14. Very interesting thoughts you’ve shared at the end of your video. I’ve thought the same things. Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote an essay called “Compensation” which is so good and accurate and addresses exactly what you were describing. You might enjoy that essay!
    Hike onward and enjoy your trip of a lifetime!

  15. This is really a helpful perspective. You’re explaining what I’ve heard about reducing stress, as a fruit of minimalism. I never really understood what that meant, until your example of cutting the grass. And really cool observation- minimalism as a rigid concept would have you walk your shoes until they fall apart- that’s blind obedience. And doesn’t reduce stress, more the opposite. This makes minimalism all the more appealing. Thanks as always.

    1. You’re so welcome! Happy that it helped you to understand, it is such an important part for life balance 🙏

  16. I’m comfortable traveling in black bear country but I would not want to surprise a grizzly. It doesn’t look like you are carrying bear spray. What is your philosophy and safety precautions traveling in grizzly country?

    Thanks for your thoughtful videos.

    1. I am… like a bear! Weird right now more and more again, even i do not push myself too much…

  17. Been out of pocket for a several weeks, catching up with your vlog, still great vistas, local Grouse, and a Bear track, better the track than the Bear. Love those reddish orange Indian Paint Brush Plants (one of my Favorites). Wow, the wind is crazy, and another Grouse. Agreed, drug is a good term, so far it seem that you are happiest whey you are on the trail, the trail is your drug, mine is coffee (oh well). For some folks the solitude of the trail is what they look for (makes for more miles each day), others it is comradery with a group (hiking as fast as your slowest hiker=less miles). You will get there, still shooting for 13 Sept. SAFE HIKING

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