Edeuoey Camp Chair and Table

Edeuoey Camp Chair and Table

Let me show you this Pack Chair and table, I have been using similar camping chairs for motorcycle camping since 2018 and I will not go without them ever again. its so nice to have a legit place to sit while your at camp and having small packable chairs like this is perfect to take on the bike so you can sit around the camp fire at night or relax with your coffee in the morning.

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10 thoughts on “Edeuoey Camp Chair and Table

    1. @Touring Midwest I’ve been wanting to get some new chairs, looks like I’ll have to pick up a couple of these ones! Thanks for sharing brotha 🍻🍻

  1. I just bought a couple of chair’s like that, different brand, but man we love em, good job on the video brother💯

    1. Absolutely, it’s great to have a chair motorcycle camping.. man my back would be killing me after a trip before because I felt like I didn’t get to sit, lean back and relax for the whole week.

  2. Virtually identical to my Helinox camp chair. Much sturdier than the 1st gen packable chairs. These new ones are very sturdy and stable. Pricey, but worth it.

    1. Yes, must have for motorcycles camping. I’m just watching your video as I reply to you on mine ha

  3. I need some new camping chairs, especially space saving lightweight stuff. This looks great. Great review yet again Drew!

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