11 thoughts on “Winter Camping Gear – WinnerWell Titanium Stove and Silky BigBoy Saw Review

  1. Keep an eye out for Sasquatch now. Bring some apples to mellow them down. They may take offense to a bunch of bananas. LOL. And just were is your rifle and sidearm. Your in the back country man. What’s up with that.

    1. Shoot I would have it all the time if we had the same rights and freedoms that you have in Wyoming here in California. F🤢🤮K GAVIN NEWSOM. LET’S GO BRANDON..WAY TO GO WYOMING.

  2. Very nice stove Daveagain. Easy to put together and quickly is a GREAT idea. Now, if only Bill gates wasn’t trying to build some nuclear thing in Wyoming….

  3. Pretty cool set-up there.. I need to get something going and fast. Ohio deer gun is almost here and It takes about 20 minutes to get warm inside my sleeping bag then I gotta get back out to go pee. Lol

    Would also be nice to be able to make my coffee in the morning without getting dressed and out of the tent.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, should be easier next time. Tried to show people all the first time struggles we don’t often see on YT.

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