Volcano Grill  3 Fuel Portable Camp Stove

Volcano Grill 3 Fuel Portable Camp Stove

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19 thoughts on “Volcano Grill 3 Fuel Portable Camp Stove

  1. These stoves are FANTASTIC…we have them for over 6 years and they work. I would get the gas attachment to cover all the bases! Very well made!👍

  2. Great stove looks like a good product, the burgers and pork looks delicious, thank you sir for the information 🏕🏞🔥🇺🇸

  3. I’ve been using the Volcano for years. It will also work great with a Dutch oven (up to 12″). I also use it for tailgating right on my carpeted pickup tailgate. At full heat you can put your bare hand under the oven and it will be cool.

  4. Excellent base camp fire pit/grill! The propane feature is excellent for when we’re under an open fire ban in our mountains!

    1. In Australia we have a lot of time hat open fires are not allowed so I will be looking at one of these

  5. I love mine! The hood accessory turns it into an oven and they have a round cast iron grill that fits the top.

    1. Yeah I cheated and used charcoal that was self lighting, guess they soak it in lighter fluid cus it always lights quickly

  6. I made one from 3 cake buntz pans…. Only 1.5lbs and it is 16” diameter and 8” height when pans not stacked… made it to use gas and wood/charcoal…gave it to my son….works great

  7. Very informative video. Thanks. Also would like to give you a heads on the Freeze Dry Wholesalers. I looked them up and got a great deal on some food,thanks to your sight. Thanks much.

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