The Ultimate Guide To Backpacking Stoves

The Ultimate Guide To Backpacking Stoves

Camp cooking expert Tim Conners shows you the different types of backpacking stoves and how to choose the right one.

Lipsmackin’ Campin’ is brought to you by MSR stoves and cookware, makers of the legendary Whisperlite stove, and the award winning Reactor stove system. MSR has been fueling outdoor adventure for over forty years.

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53 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide To Backpacking Stoves

  1. I love my Pocket Rocket. But does anyone have any data on the number of boils I can get per ounce of canister fuel? I know it varies with altitude, how high you turn up the burner,  etc., but it would be helpful for planning to know how many burns I could expect for boiling 2 cups of water.

  2. has anyone seen an IRIDIUM stove……very awesome……simple …light…..interesting concept

  3. the prob i have with gas or like stoves is cost and fuel cost most of these are over $100 or more

    1. yeah but if you get a good stove like an msr stove that burns diesel, your set for fuel and its really cheap and easy to get, much cheaper than using white gas

  4. Apparently JetBoil has a bad flaw. It heats the centre too much, and is ok for water boiling but junk for cooking food as it burns it in the middle. True, false or half true?

  5. NOT very ultimate…. I would think an ultimate guide would show more brands and how they compare to each other as well as how many total meals you could expect from each fuel type…. just a thought

    1. If you actually were discerning, you would understand that MSR put this video out as an advert.

  6. First solid fuel stove boils a cup (8 oz) of water…”enough to rehydrate your meal and have a little hot water left over for a cup of coffee”. That’s going to be a MIGHTY small cup of coffee since it takes 8-16 oz of water to rehydrate a Mountain House meal!!!

  7. Astonishing one would make an “Ultimate Guide” and mention solid fuel without mentioning wood! There are numerous wood fired backpack stoves.

  8. What a load of rubbish!
    Claims to be the “Ultimate Guide” but totally ignores the Trangia and all DIY alcohol stoves, and the Lixada/Emberlit style wood stoves
    In fact, ignores every stove not made by MSR

  9. I just loved this video as I am looking for compact cooking systems which don’t cost the moon, there is the Optimum system but at $260. here in Canada, it’s way over my budget. that MSR system is really good for it burns white gas very efficiently and this is great for camping for a lengthy period

  10. Good basic overview, well done. I have the MSR Reactor and have been using it for several years now. It is “highly” proficient and boils water extremely fast. I also like the way everything fits together like a puzzle inside the pot and then the handle folds over and locks it all in. I have not tried any other type of stove, though if one wanted to go lighter in weight, one of those pocket rocket stoves or wood burning type would be the way to go.

  11. I read the negative comments beforehand and they’re b.s. It’s an ad for MSG, but it’s still a pretty thorough explanation of the different stove types and their advantages/ disadvantages.
    I like the reactor. I would also try wood or even a “Sterno” catering gel fire to see what i prefer for fast or slow cooking

  12. Lmao. Anybody with commonsense knows to buy a wood burning stove, if shtf good luck finding gas and all the store bought fuels.

  13. Msr stoves are overpriced and easily broken, as well as being difficult to pack… the motor sicht pt-3 is similar to the Optimus 8r built for the soviets. If the Optimus stove is the Volvo of stoves, Coleman being the Ford F-150, the pt-3 is the panzer tank of stoves available on Amazon for 50$ bulletproof and burns anything flammable. Don’t waste your cash on msr stoves. Unless you like being in the middle of a hike and your stove stops working. Because everyone likes packing tools and parts for their stove lmfao….

  14. The Optimus Polaris is the game changer. It burns White Gas, Kerosene, Automotive unleaded gasoline, Diesel, Jet-A and Canister fuel with no Jets to change out. There is nothing else like it.

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