Multi Fuel Stove Review | MSR XGK EX Multi-fuel Camping Stove

Multi Fuel Stove Review | MSR XGK EX Multi-fuel Camping Stove

This is a multi fuel stove review of the MSR XGK EX that we have been using for 20 years now. Our camping stoves have been exposed for all kind of different rough handling. Everything from heavy pots, non-stop burning for hours, rambling around in a shaking dog sled and so on. It’s a quite heavy multi fuel camping stove BUT it’s a stove that has hold up even for me who usually use outdoor gears so much that they destroy.
The downside of this multi fuel burner is the weight, the noise and the lack of possibility to adjust the flame. It’s more or less on and off…
The good side is that it seems to be unbreakable and that you will be able to run this camp stove on almost all types of liquid that is possible to burn.
The MSR XGK stove is made for you who don’t need to make advanced outdoor meals and who want a silent romantic evening in your tent. This multifuel stove is made for you who want to survive no matter what and want to be able to heat up water in all types of weather conditions.
You know I don’t hesitate to tell the truth about gear in my reviews. So, do I really recommend this outdoor stove?
YES! This camping stove is great and I really like and trust it.

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55 thoughts on “Multi Fuel Stove Review | MSR XGK EX Multi-fuel Camping Stove

  1. awesome videos man! have you ever tried to build an in ground jet stove? much quieter and burns wood with little to no smoke.

  2. Thanks again for your Akto review. I used it on so many trips right now. Your review really helped me with making the right choice!

    1. That’s super!
      I hope you will find more things to get AND avoid from our channel.

  3. A couple of viewpoints, LEGO is the best plastic play toy there is (well in my opinion 😉). So with the negative viewpoint cleared out of the way, again another great review of equipment. The negative point of the noise ain’t all that bad and may even be welcome in the silence of the North of Sweden for people coming from big towns and having noise withdrawal symptoms.

    1. You are totally correct. Lego is superstrong…
      …and the noice is also helpful if you are out with friends or a group that you don’t want to talk with…

  4. I’m cheating Youtube’s algorithm by using 2 different channels to watch your videos 😂.
    I don’t know but I have read somewhere that if someone watches a video and skips the commercial the uploader won’t make any revenue on the video, do you know if that’s correct?

    1. I have no idea…
      The basic is to produce videos that people want to see and then they stay at the platform Youtube instead of Facebook.

  5. som sagt är det ju kanon att se va ni använder om en ska köpa nytt, då håller det garanterat för oss amatörer=) Men 320 gram tycker jag va lätt för ett sånt kök! mitt optimus väger ju närmare 500! Sånt kök får de bli om mitt pajar!
    tack för en bra video vännen ha de gött//Johan

    1. 320gr + 67gr för pump + flaskans vikt. Är det verkligen lättare?
      Men du har rätt. Det är väldigt värdefullt med ett kök som håller.
      Du jobbar på bra du också med dina filmer! Har inte hunnit kolla på din Tarpfilm ännu!
      Vi höres!

    2. @JOKKMOKKGUIDERNA ja måste väga mitt när ja kommer hem men ja har för mig de va närmare 500gram. Bara brännaren! Men de har ju så man kan reglera låga osv så de kanske e därför?
      Ja men de får du göra😃👍 du kan nog redan allt om tarp men de behöver ju träna på göteborgska😅👍
      Ha de gött//Johan

    3. @JOKKMOKKGUIDERNA haha ja hade fel! Mitt kök vägde 330gram👍👍 ja som e gramjägare å allt😂😂😂

  6. As for the noise: Last winter having dinner with you in the tent, to me the noise from your MSR stove was actually quite cozy. I liked it 🙂 Maybe it was just psychological though, as it meant warmth and food 😛

    1. Alexander… It’s also possible that n
      you mix up you warm feeling for the stove. It’s totally possible that you enjoyed the noise from the stove but you actually enjoyed that you couldn’t hear all interesting things I was talking about…

  7. Skitbra Matti, jag vet hur det är att hänga med dig i kyla, så jag tar dig helt på orden! 💪🏾

  8. Thanks for another great video Matti 🙂 – I have the MSR(N) pocket rocket which I love for BikePacking trips. Have you tried the MSR)N) Hubba Hubba Tent at all?? Maybe not built tough enough for your requirements??

    1. I also have the MSR Pocket Rocket. It’s super.
      The MSR tents…no… But I was very close to buy one Hubba Tour but all the reviws was talking about leaking flyer.

    1. Yes… you need to peheat this stove but it’s simple if you run the stove with gasoline. You just open the valve and let little bit of fuel goes out as liquid. Then you light that and let this burn until it’s almost gone. After that you turn on the stove.
      I haven’t used the MSR XGK EX with other fuel than gasoline. I’m really found of parafinoil but it’s to much problem with that. I can’t get the really good quality that I want.

  9. “Not for sitting there in the tent quietly waiting for a bear”
    Why you talking o me? 😝

  10. I think I have just found the best channel on YouTube! Awesome content guys. Coming from a very warm country, I have Really enjoyed you dog mushing videos. Just amazing. I will visit one day!
    I have a good old Trangia stove. It has no fancy components and would never break down. The fuel is cheap and always available in big bottles which means less waste. The down side to the Trangia, is that it is a slow stove burning metho spirits… takes forever to boil water. Maybe I will get this MSR stove too 😉

    1. Thaaaaanks that nice to get this kind of feedback.
      If you live in a warmer place maybe the MSR XGK isn’t the best… That’s super in cold climate but maybe unnecessary in hot climate?

  11. I bought the MSR Whisperlite in 1995, it could burn kerosene or gasoline. After about 17 years it suddenly started leaking a lot in the pump(yes the red plastic version you also have with XGK). I was lucky to catch and throw it out of the tent and in the snow outside before disaster occured. it was burning gasoline(the very purified version wich is extremely flammable). I had relied too much on the MSR quality and got a little lazy with safety and should have checked the pump more often. Nowadays I use the Whisperlite universal which is silent and very reliable but not as efficient in wintertime as the XGK of course, but In winter I mostly have campfires anyway so..

    I also change the gaskets quite often now, I think it’s recommended doing it once a year. How often do you do that Matti?
    Maybe it’s not necessary so often but I learned a lesson that day in the tent with gasoline squirting out while it was burning. Gaskets are made of rubber wich have alimited lifespan I think.
    Interesting to hear that you can burn alcohol in the XGK. Is that recommended by MSR or have you just tried it and it worked ok? I haven’t tried that with Whisperlite.

    1. That’s good that you could through it out!!! I had similar experience with other brands…

      I very often check the gaskets and I always check everything before I put a match there. You know… the moment you have put pressure in the bottle then you have a chance before you start it.
      But… I’m not changing this on regular basis and maybe that’s a good routine. Good routines are important when it’s things that makes big consequences if they break. The stove is one of this and the carbine between the dogs and the sled is another of this important part.

  12. i have my msr egk the older one ,now around 30years. this was my first msr stove. but i never used it a lot . some years not at all. but if i need it , just works,

  13. I appreciate the video. I bought this from a foreign store. I should’ve bought it locally, because now I’m paying the price with very, very, long waiting time. My pulk trip will be cancelled as a result. Alas, such is life.

    1. Sometimes it’s better to buy from local shops… but you will probably be happy with the stove!

  14. Hi, I am in the market looking for a stove for mountaineering and thus need a stove that is durable and can burn even in extremely low temperatures and at high altitudes. This leads me to MSR stoves. However, there is severel types of MSR multi-fuel stoves… Do you have any opinion of the quality between the MSR stoves (e.g., MSR XGK, MSR Dragonfly, MSR Whisperlite etc.)

    1. @JOKKMOKKGUIDERNA yeah, thats also what i was thinking. I am really torn between the XGK and the Dragonfly… guess I will just have to make a choice since there is no bad option really.:) thx for the reply and for the nice vids!:) Best.

    2. @mikkel keller if you want a stove that can eat most fuel even the dirty ones, without having it too easily clogged, choose XGK-EX.
      If you are sure that you will be using only cleaner fuel than diesel, such as kerosene, paraffin, white gas, choose MSR Dragonfly.
      I own an MSR Dragonfly, it is better than Primus Omnilite Ti that I also owned. But, I tend to use bad or dirty fuel, dirty kerosene or paraffin, and I have to clean the MSR Dragonfly every 2 days because of these dirty fuels.
      Now I’m looking out to get myself an MSR XGK-EX.

    3. @YouTube Playlist thx! Thats good to know. I thought that all MSR burners were equally good with different kinds of fuel… On the Dragonfly – is it the regulator (simmer function) that usually clogs when using “dirty” fuel?

    4. @mikkel keller hmm, I think I’ve replied you just now, but I cannot find my reply anywhere.
      Yesss, your guess is right! Especially that thread on the simmer regluator stick. I have to brush it repeatedly with a wire (brass) brush.

  15. 15 years is nothing. If it is 50-70 years old stove then we are talking about it. That one has pipes, connections and plastic pump parts… I wonder how they last compared to old Primus which is made of solid brass, steel and has a leather seal in its pump – not a single connection (you need to open) or pipes..

    You can burn Primus stove as long as there is fuel left and outside temperature is irrelevant. Power is high.

    I don’t like using gasoline because paraffin is much safer, odorless and gives same power (actually paraffin has a bit more energy in it). It is also cheaper fuel. Primus doesn’t soot your kettles (and your hands) like that stove and you can adjust power down if needed. Pre-heating is much safer in Primus by using alcohol, my friend has had some interesting moments inside tent when using gasoline for preheating with that one

    1. @drcoolit I’m sure it is a good quality stove. New stoves have certain advantages over old ones like multifuel option, lighter weight and possibly smaller package size.

      I remember that epic Mt. Everest expedition. RIP

    2. @bekanav When I saw the “RIP” I was curious about what you were referring to. Now I know! sounds like he was quite a guy and did some remarkable things. I see that he made a film on this epic adventure re Everest. I’ll see if I can find a copy!

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