HOW to make a camp STOVE. Bushcraft Camp

HOW to make a camp STOVE. Bushcraft Camp

Today I show you how to make a camp stove or how I made a stove at my camp in the forest, in Buscraft Camp. It is a stove made of cement, a wood stove, quite simple to make, it takes until the cement hardens taking into account that the temperatures are low this late autumn. On this stove you can prepare coffee, food and why not warm up. I started quite early in the morning, a late and cold autumn, so I made some tea at home for the trip … I built a not very big stove, so I could move it around the camp, but I’ll let you see this video as I have built. I hope you like this creation from cement, don’t forget to leave a like, a comment if you liked what I built and don’t forget to subscribe

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26 thoughts on “HOW to make a camp STOVE. Bushcraft Camp

  1. It’s super video … Congratulations. I like what you did. Let it warm you up when it’s cold 😍👍

  2. Olá Ângela, como você está? Muito bom seu vídeo, aqui chamamos de mini fogão a lenha. Sensacional, parabéns

  3. Hi Angela, schön das es ein neues Video von dir, und deinem Camp, gibt hast ja mal wieder ein super Projekt verwirklicht, ich hoffe der Ofen, wird dich in der kälteren Jahreszeit schön, wärmen, und du dann eine schöne Zeit draußen in der Natur hast und es dir gut gehen läßt. Danke dir erst mal wieder fürs mitnehmen und zeigen und ich wünsche dir noch eine schöne Woche. LG, jenz

    1. Danke für die Nachricht und Unterstützung mein Freund … Ja, ich denke an die kalten Wintermonate und überlege mir etwas Größeres für die Hitze zu tun … Mal sehen, ob das Wetter es mir erlaubt. Danke Jenz Mayer

  4. Im like wow! you really are so talented,i really enjoyed this video,this was a amazing video.stay safe,not this video out tommorow,but my next best wildcamp ever video your going to love debs x.

  5. Hi Angela, this was very cool and I enjoyed the entire video. Your very talented for sure. 😊😉 Well done on that stove, so cool

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