How To Cook In A Traditional Trangia Camping Stove

How To Cook In A Traditional Trangia Camping Stove

This guide is a suitable time-saver that will enable you to get good at wilderness survival, music festivals, campfires and camping stoves. Watch our bite-size tutorial on How To Cook In A Traditional Trangia Camping Stove from one of Videojug’s professional experts.

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24 thoughts on “How To Cook In A Traditional Trangia Camping Stove

    1. About 45 minutes. Sorry I answered so late! Hope you didn’t die in that time because you look pretty old :O.

  1. Burning alcohol produces zero CO when properly oxygenated (normal air supply). It does however consume oxygen from the air reducing the amount of oxygen available to breath. 

    1. yes, if you can get pure ethanol. the problem is the additives added to ethanol to make it unfit to drink do produce co when burned. and pure methanol produces toxic fumes when burned.

    2. @marzsit I’ve never heard that before. I’ll just add that I think Sterno is methanol and the same is sold specifically as a liquid fuel. Then there’s isopropynol as well.

    1. Exactly this question. And for that matter, why use a match at all? I always just use my firelighter, works perfectly even in rain.

  2. Don’t we need to see that female robot’s figure in order to judge the veracity of her claims?

    1. Actually, the lid to the burner has a rubber gasket in it. After the burner has cooled you can leave any residual fuel in the burner and put the lid with the rubber gasket back on the burner. It seals the fuel in the burner for future use. It’s perfectly safe to transport the burner in your pack with the residual fuel in it as long as the lid with the gasket is firmly on the burner.

  3. Tbh I reckon a UK MOD ration pack stove is way better for this. About a tenth of the size, and works with any mess tin or scrap of metal you can find

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  5. 3:37 Three matches visible in the burner, it’s not a bloody ashtray! You’ll end up with loads of soot and ash from the burnt matches clogging your jets, plus it’s just plain lazy and pointless!🥺🧐

  6. someone help me. Im going to camp in a few days and im just gonna do spaghetti cause its too dificult and idk what supplies we get but a triagna stove. how do i reheat cooked minced meat?

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