Guide Gear Wood Stove (First Burn) Affordable Hot Tent Camping Stove

Guide Gear Wood Stove (First Burn) Affordable Hot Tent Camping Stove

Here’s a link to the stove. It is NOT an affiliate link. just wanted to share it. The price went up again…..

8 thoughts on “Guide Gear Wood Stove (First Burn) Affordable Hot Tent Camping Stove

  1. That would make me want to never go back home from camping! Is it very heavy? Great video bro.🤙👍🎣

    1. 😂😂 yeah I can’t wait to get out with it! It’s only 44 pounds but if you don’t tack the whole pipe it’s less. But they sell titanium ones that you can fold and put in a backpack! Super cool stuff man

  2. Top piece is a spark arrestor (spelling?). Glad to hear you’re planning to post camping videos! Where do you plan to hot tent at?

    1. I have some land up in the arcade area and my buddy has some land up by Brockton. I also think the Chautauqua gorge wouldn’t be to bad if I can get back there in the snow haha

    2. @Outpour Outdoors i also was thinking about a chautauqua gorge winter trip, if the roads clear enough! well, good luck to you and stay safe!

  3. I’ve been doing a lot of research on this particular camp stove and one thing I would recommend to do is the chimney stacks are upside down I don’t know why they were engineered that way because all the creosote will leak out and down the outside of the pipe so what I’ve done is I took mine to the welding shop and and cut the hole out and put a different top adapter on there for more standard pipe size only cost me about $20 for a welding shop to fix it And put on my own pipe either way it is still one of the best stoves I’ve ever used and I use it inside a permanent structure and it runs great I’d also recommend putting fire brick in the bottom of it And on the sides it looks like you have the small version I have the large so I was able to put fire brick on the bottom and sides And I think I’m going to be putting a baffle in ther

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