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  1. Good video mate, and an ace little stove; always great to have a folder you can burn natural fuel in, thank you for sharing, and good luck. Baz

  2. This is a piece of crap, after extensive use, (7 or so plus days of meals) it fell apart. People are better off buying a Firebox (which i personally own and know is bulletproof), or a Vargo woodstove which is have heard good things about.

  3. buon giorno volevo sapere se è lei che vende questo prodotto e se si quanto costerebbe compreso di trasporto , io mi trovo in italia

  4. I cut up an extra grill wire to go with this for grilling an so will accept a canteen cup still fits in the sheath with a little effort aswell

  5. When you are ready to fold it up and store it away, just wrap it up in some aluminum foil, store it in it’s case, and take it home to clean. No mess that way. A small bbq grill cut down to size will give you a grill over the top. You could even cut some hotdog wieners into halves and grill them on the little stove. I like mine due to its small size, and ease of use. A very efficient little sucker.

  6. Ha. Just saw this, and I filmed a video about stoves today (not uploaded yet) and this was in it. Personally, I don’t care for it. One good fire and the paint bubbles up and it’s all sooty and nasty. It DOES work well. I’d check out the Firebox someone mentioned, but if I am going to burn sticks now its just going to be in the Biolite.

  7. would you ever use this stove inside the tent to help keep your tent warm durning the winter and if so how would you go about doing this so that your tent does not catch fire?

  8. Let me know how you like the firebox in comparison, I know my firebox was waayy better than my pocket cooker, in my mileage anyway. Firebox is much heavier though, wish they had a titanium version.

  9. I picked one up a while back and experienced the same thing as the other gentleman (bubbling paint, etc). Overall, it works well, and you can’t beat the price. I’m thinking about experimenting with some different coatings to see how they hold up. (ie.. painting it with some high-temp paints, or perhaps powder coating, etc).

  10. Yeah, that’s what I was thinking, I’ve got some duplicolor ford blue engine enamel left over that is supposed to have ceramic in it. I’ve also seen some exhaust manifold paints, again with some ceramic base, that might work as well. Or I may just drop it in the blast cabinet and then powder coat it.

  11. I always dig a small trench into the wind and lay the stove across like a bridge. It gives you somewhat of a Dakota firepit with higher burn temps and better consumes the materiel.Then when you’re done, cover the trench and what little ash is in there with the excavated dirt for a “leave no trace site”. I ordered a PowerPot V to use in conjunction with the stove and give me a nighttime method of charging devices. Uses very little amounts of wood to charge and boils water for a nice cup of cocoa!

  12. Nice review.The only thing that would have made it better was to burn it.The essence of human nature is fire,it provides heat, cooking,and a lot of overnite conversations.Not only is the fuel free, but it gives the food a great flavor.Pilgrim job well done.

  13. I just bought one of these and am wondering if charcoal briquetts would not only work well, but also have an advantage of not sooting up the pot and stove… Have you tried that yet?

  14. These work great with an Esbit or Trangia alcohol stove. The combination of this and one of those alcohol stoves is compact and CHEAP.

  15. Agreed! These are one of the best camp stoves on the market. . .but I don’t hear about them enough!

  16. You can also use a penny stove inside it. If you use fuel tabs, put the fuel tab on a small stone or a tuna can, even a chunk of a 3 to 4 inch thick green log. The fuel is then close enough to heat whatever you are cooking. Had mine for years and have never used a wood fire in it and the stove is still clean.

    1. I don’t find them to be overly heavy. . .a penny stove is obviously lighter but this is more versatile imo

  17. Increase the versatility by drilling a few small holes in the sides for inserting  wire tent stakes to  make a shelf to allow alcohol stoves, Esbit tabs and charcoal briquets to sit closer to the top. Would like to see it made from stainless, aluminum or titanium. Good review, thanks.

    1. @***** get a disposable grill top cut it to size for the stove top then you can use your canteen or canteen cup  on the stove.
       also this stove is great with charcoal.

  18. $12.99 + shipping …. Amazon …  I like the design better than the MUCH MORE expensive Firebox and sterno stove.

    1. You may need to add some high heat spray paint to it if you use it a lot in high humidity areas (or in the rain)  Works great!

    2. @***** Does the high heat spray paint give off a chemical smell during the burning?  Also, according to many reviews on Amazon, the process of folding the stove back after use takes a little practice.  Please consider a video showing how to fold it back for storage.

    3. @Stargazer131000 Showing that on video might be a bit difficult as I doubt people could see it well enough.  It does take some practice though.  I’ll see if a video will work out

  19. I’ve had mine for the better part of 15 yrs if not longer, i ordered it from sportsmans guide when u had to use the mail order sheet hahaha, it’s been repainted prob 5 times but it still going strong my only complaint is that my sheath is purple in color oh well, highly recommend it cheers

    1. @db Cooper Thanks for the comment!!  A highly versatile addition to any pack/camping kit indeed!  MDP

    2. +db Cooper Nice to see you’re still around, D.B. Guess you really COULD trust that parachute…

    3. +db Cooper On your recommendation of 15 years’ service I ordered one of these stoves from eBay. Too much wind and rain to play with it just now, but looking forward to testing it out!

    4. +Leonard Urban I haven’t used it recently as I now use an alchlol stove, but for a solid 6-7 years it was used prob 20-25 times a year and it has held up great

  20. i bought my first pocket cooker at cabelas in 1994 . i used it a lot and lasted for over 10 years . then someone borrowed it and never got it back .

  21. i have one,it is light and reliable it seems to burn stuff for longer than an open fire and concentrates the heat up for cooking,it can be annoying to unfold and fold up some people may break it if not careful and quite smoky.

    1. +kurt brayford It takes a bit of practice to learn how to fold it correctly. . .but it’s still my favorite light weight stove

  22. I have had one of the Pocket Cookers for a long time , many years. I have cooked a lot of meals with it including for two friends and myself on it using one of the home made Coke can alcohol burners ( stove ) as the heat source , it was a 4 night , 5 day canoe trip back in the mid 80’s
    I switched to a Trangia burner as the heat source for it and It is NOT light weight , at almost 2 pounds. Any way not as light as the Titanium stove I use today when backpacking.
    The Pocket Cooker is packed in with the paddling supplies today and you can use a wide variety of items as a heat source in it.

  23. MD Prepper, it seems one could drill two to four appropriately sized small holes at the top there from front to back, and insert some small steel skewers to make a base for a canteen or steel cup.

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