FIREBOX ! Old Stove New Review

FIREBOX ! Old Stove New Review

The Fire box stove has been around a while. Survive looks at its weight, durability, and efficiency cooking a steak with a side cup of coffee. A tad heavy for a backpack but an excellent camping stove that delivers a good fire with many options. The Firebox is a stove I would want in my camping gear arsenal especially when fuel could be difficult to find or too cumbersome.

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6 thoughts on “FIREBOX ! Old Stove New Review

    1. It’s actually not warped. Cooked on it many times. Firebox is sturdy as hell. The latches did not sit tight in crevices. I will do another in the future and place the grill on a flat surface. It’s as level as can be when cold or hot. I can see how you would think is warped though.

    2. @Survive Outdoors Alrighty then all I was saying that on the firebox you tube channel he waits due to warping he said and I figured sense your grill grate kept falling off that it had warped or something

    3. @BobbyRay Outdoors I have been damn lucky then. I better wait in the future. Has not warped yet but will heed your advice.

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