Ultimate solar shower (DIY van conversion and car camping)

Ultimate solar shower (DIY van conversion and car camping)

This video is about van conversion. I explain how I did my solar shower system, including specific features to be used with a van, a minivan or a car. It includes interesting safety features that I consider a necessity.

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In the video, you will be able to see parts of the converted minivan. If you want to learn more about the overall conversion, you are invited to watch my van tour:

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55 thoughts on “Ultimate solar shower (DIY van conversion and car camping)

  1. hey Eric, great vid. Here in the UK huge numbers of people are taking your advice for all things van life as it beats the lockdown holiday restrictions very nicely. Great work.

    1. Wow! This is very cool to be useful to help you go through this! Thank you for sharing 😃✌️

  2. Salut Éric…. Merçi pour un autre fantastique vidéo! J’avance dans la conversion de ma Grand Caravan et je devrais être en mesure d’y aller dans le sud cette hiver. Plus tard, j’ai l’intention de faire un coast to coast semblable à celui que tu a fait. Le tous grâce a tes videos!! Ils sont de première classe! Merci beaucoup Eric! (Rive-Sud de Mtl.)

    1. Salut Frank! Je suis content de t’aider dans ton projet de conversion. Tu vas faire de beaux voyages. Il ne serait pas surprenant que l’on se croise un de ces quartes! Merci pour ton appréciation 😃✌️

  3. Bonjour Eric depuis la Nouvelle Zelande! I really enjoy your interesting videos. They may be few in number, but are always informative and well thought out and inspiring. You have a way about you which is easy to listen to and gentle. I’m always happy and will stop to watch anything that you choose to post, knowing that it will be a pleasure to watch and most likely useful. Wishing you all the best, faites des bonnes chemins, peut etre un jour a Aotearoa!

    1. Thanks a lot for this amazing feedback. I am very proud of your comment! It is a good source of motivation to publish more!
      One of my objective at the beginning of my channel was to help people from everywhere and NZ was on my list, simply because it is very far from Canada. I will publish more rapidly! 😃✌️

  4. very good description! i’ll probably make it this spring. I’m in Washington, USA with a Nissan NV200. Thanks!

    1. Thank you Stephen for your feedback. You have a nice van size. Enjoy planning your project ✌️

  5. Yay!!! Thanks so much! Been waiting with great anticipation and really enjoyed this one as usual! I’m in the far east end of our country 🙂

  6. I’m in Texas enjoying my new job and my new van life. I’m doing my best to follow along with your build. I’m really grateful to have found your plan. I’m using a Grand Caravan and have my bed, floor, closet and kitchen cabinet installed. I’m eager to learn about your electrical system and your kitchen plumbing, because I don’t have those features yet.

    I’m also excited to see your flooring video. I had to take my best guess on that and I’m pretty sure I am going to rebuild it. I seriously underestimated the amount of abuse my van floor was going to take. I’m also eager to try my brother’s suggestion of using cabinet counter veneer as my flooring surface.

    I’m struggling with getting enough good food to eat because I don’t have a fridge yet. I didn’t realize how important proper cold storage was to healthy eating until I didn’t have it.

    I haven’t installed kitchen plumbing yet either, so I’m excited to see that video.

    Do you have any affiliate links to the products you use?

    1. Congratulation for you new van life and new job! Grand Caravan is a great van for a conversion. I will publish videos about the subjects that you mention. Thank you for your experience. Stay tuned my Texan friend ✌️

  7. I was surprised and happy to see you posted. I always love your innovations. I am from the state of Washington. I only wish you posted more.

    1. Thank you Suzette! I will publish more. I have other videos ready to edit. Stay tuned my friend ✌️

  8. From Minot, ND – USA. I would not have considered so many points, such as ensuring the water cabinet does not thrust forward like a torpedo. Thank you for mentioning all the things you think through. It helps me to look at challenges in new ways. Very neat shower!

  9. Eric, I look forward to every one of your videos. They are very informative, clear, and to the point. Thanks for your insights!

  10. I have found that shower tents last a maximum of one year when you leave them set up all the time. I have had to buy a new one every year I have been vandwelling. Usually, the zipper wears out due to UV degradation. But the tie-down points also tear out easily. They are really only designed to be used for a two-week vacation, once a year.

    1. Thank you Grant for sharing your experience. I hope that your comment will be read by many. 👍

  11. Hi Eric, I’m very excited to see a new video from you! I enjoy how informative yet simple your van build videos are. My fiancé and I have been taking notes from you as we get ready to set up our own van next year. I am really looking forward to seeing the materials and set up for your shower cubicle – I’ve really been scratching my head over this, as the pop-up tents look to be more and more impractical as I continue researching. Looking forward to your next installment – happy trails 🙂

    1. Hello Deanna! I am happy that you appreciate my videos. I will definitely do this video about the shower cubicle. This thing is one of my best commodities. I will do the video before you will have finished you van.

      You can read the comments of Grant Robertson. You will see that those tents are not durable also. Every time there’s a new market potential, there’s new stuff appearing on the market, but not necessary a good solution. It is often a «laboratory solution» developed to make money on the new market. YouTube is great because it allows to share experiences. Enjoy planning your van conversion ✌️

  12. Bonjour Eric, Tu es un géni et tes vidéos sont géniales. Je les ais toutes dévoré. Nous sommes en train de construire notre vanlife, un Toyota Sienna, et je me grandement inspiré/utilisé de tes vidéos. Nous habitons a Longueuil, QC, Canada ;-). Merci BEAUCOUP pour tes vidéos très utiles et sympa, hâte de voir les prochaines. Un souhait de prochaine vidéo, comment se chauffer dans un mini-van en hiver (Canada) ou au moins l’automne. Encore merci et bon voyage.

  13. Thanks for all the hard work you put into these videos Eric. Always a joy when you post a new video. Why, how and what not to do. Keep ’em coming. Best wishes from Scotland

    1. Thank you Kit for this great comment! It is much appreciated when people comment about it. Yes I do put a lot of work in each video! ✌️

  14. HI Erik! 
    My name is Jeff I live in Pollock Pines, California near lake Jenkinson.

    Thanks for another great video they have been fun and helpful in my van conversion process. I also chose to go with a solar shower. I know what it’s like to feel grimy. I think I will build an extra stopper now to prevent some weight shifting for my solar shower.

  15. very interesting, in australia people would be more familiar with pipes made from PVC instead of ABS. did you consider the roof rack fittings that secure pipe ( eg: conduit holders) as an option? I have an image of them in my video

  16. Your the king man. I’m from Georgia seeing this. I’m getting a small enclosed storage trailer to put my shower and maybe a bathroom in. What do you think about that? Also anyway you could make more bed cushions to your specs and send them to me?

  17. Still enjoying your videos. Watching from Sydenham, Ontario Canada, north of Kingston.

  18. Hello Eric!
    Have you measured how much water the pipe holds?
    Also how hot is the water?
    Does it build up pressure in the pipe if it gets too hot?
    Thanks for this great video, from Florida.

  19. Eric, thank you so much! I have used many of your ideas for my Honda Odyssey conversion and the result is that my van is much nicer, simpler and more practical than many others I’ve seen in my travels. Adding a shower is my next project so this video comes at a perfect time. Well done on adding the baffles in the pipe! I’ve been watching some ABS shower videos while I do research and you are the first person I’ve seen address the problem of water sloshing back and forth. I had already planned on adding them but hadn’t figured out how yet, this is a great solution.

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