How To Make a Camping Shower Off-Grid Shower

How To Make a Camping Shower Off-Grid Shower

How to build an off-grid shower
In this video, you will see how easy it is to build an off-grid shower.
The off-the-grid shower is suitable at home when renovating houses on a campsite or in a camper van.
Camping Shower
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34 thoughts on “How To Make a Camping Shower Off-Grid Shower

  1. Great shower.I’ve had the same system at my cabin and worked awesome, before I’ve made proper bathroom and connected it with the well(Im just too lazy to make a video tour of my cabin lol).Are you back to Slovenia?

    1. @Robert Klemensberger uh,to ti je super.Meni je pred nosom otisao plac od 6400 m2,pa sam zavrsio na ovom od 1000.Ali mi se ne svidja ovde jer se naselje pretvara u Beverli Hils,pa kad sredim do kraja cu da prodam ovo i bezim negde da budem sam i da gradim sam od bala slame.Ova kucica mi svakako ne valja za zimu

    2. @OffGridWolf’sHut Misli da ču ja isto prodati kada završim. Za sada nije baš to šta tražim. A ču videt kako se osiečam kada završim

    3. @OffGridWolf’sHut Misli da ču ja isto prodati kada završim. Za sada nije baš to šta tražim. A ču videt kako se osiečam kada završim

    4. @Robert Klemensberger Ovako izgleda lepo tamo ali je najbitnije da li se covek dobro oseca u kuci

    1. Yes, Misa is a young cat and Misi is that old one from the videos. I have to explain in the next video that Misi has company

  2. Good idea, one step at a time for you. I bet you have great plans for your new house. All the best

  3. I have one bathroom in my home and I would like to redo my tub/ shower area. I have been trying to figure out how we were going to shower since my son and I have very manual jobs that require a bath at the end of our shift. I need 48 hours after refinishing for it to dry and cure. Thanks for the idea. Now we can have a shower while I redo the tub.

  4. I once built a portable shower with a 5 gallon bucket for camping using a few PVC fittings, a shut-off valve and a diy shower head, I heated 2 liters of water on a stove or fire and mixed them with 8 more liters of cold water in the bucket to have 10 liters of warm water for a nice shower, something like this:
    “Camp Shower from Five Gallon Bucket”
    and it worked really fine, I had it for several years and then gave it o a friend who used it for several years more when camping. And you could get a “foldable dog pool” (80 cms. diameter for 20 cms. high) from Amazon instead of that very small box

  5. I have same SHOWER system
    I live in a VAN, I also do TRUCK STOP showers, 🇺🇸YMCA in the town I’m in right now is $1.00 for a shower
    Best deal I’ve ever found
    Nice house you have

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