Emergency Sanitation: RinseKit Portable Shower and Water Heater Review

Emergency Sanitation: RinseKit Portable Shower and Water Heater Review

Jonathan is a big fan of hot showers and was excited when he came across RinseKit. These portable showers are designed to be a great solution for a portable hot shower during a power outage, camping, or at the beach.

In this video, Jonathan and Mike review the RinseKit PRO, RinseKit PRO PAK, and the RinseKit Hyperheater.

You can learn more about RinseKit at .

Emergency Sanitation is an important area of prepping that is worth your thought and advanced preparation. Learn more at TheProvidentPrepper.org.

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53 thoughts on “Emergency Sanitation: RinseKit Portable Shower and Water Heater Review

    1. My word of choice for my doggie too. We’re working on difference between potty and potty poo. 😂. I do t think he cares what the difference is.

  1. I bought a garden sprayer that you pump up . I set it aside and wrote instructions in magic marker stating what it was assigned for (restricted use for clean water shower in an emergency)

    1. I have the same thing. It’ll do in a pinch. I also got these really cool things on QVC. It’s a “towel” and you just had a little bit of water and it’s suds up but you don’t have to rinse.

  2. What a great tool!! I’m happy to see it runs off the Ecoflow Pro which is one of the power stations I have for emergency power.

  3. I just tried my homemade Home Depot Weed Sprayer Portable shower this morning and it worked like a charm. I do like this idea too. 🙂

  4. Wash basin with warm water and a cloth like in the 1820s…a good alternative, highly portable as well.

  5. A nice low tech way to stay clean is the old pitcher and basins used years ago. I’ve wanted one with a stand because I think they’re classy, but put a little water on the stove and instant wash basin. When I was a kid we would use a large square metal container. They were great, of course if you are a oversized person you won’t fit in them, but you could do like my dad’s family did in the 30’s. Heat the water, put it in a big tub (think small oval watering trough available now) and then everyone took a bath. Adults first then smaller sized people. Worked great for them.

    1. Heidi Cook- yes if you were off grid, a metal animal water trough, or even a large plastic storage bin would work (like the size for storing Christmas trees) if the water wasn’t too hot.

  6. I have found that one of the 3 gallon solar showers which cost about 10 bucks work just fine for this.

  7. No off grid shower, but if the power is out, I can heat water on the propane camp stove or on the wood stove for an old fashioned bath. I purchased a large grout mixing tub that fits inside our large bathtub and is big enough to lean over the tub for hairwashing, then to sit down in for bathing. Water to be dipped out to flush the toilet (we’re on septic). Less water needed than using the tub, and none of it can leak out down the drain. For those who don’t like to sit in water, a close family member who will pour water over for a rinse would do!

  8. I have a rechargeable camp shower. I can take a cold shower. If it comes to conserving water I can do with a quick sponge bath.

  9. Damn. I thought I was going to see Kylene in a bikini taking a hot shower, soaping up and rinsing down. I am disappointed. LOL.

  10. I use a propane water heater, a generator, a one horse power pump, a 200 gallon roof run off holding tank. My guests can take a one hour shower in my outdoor shower. It is luxurious. The hot water heater is $120 at Fleet Farm. Honda generator is $1,000. Pump is $150. Holding tank is $150. All are very valuable at my 15 acre, water access, off the grid, nature retreat in Northern MN.

  11. I just went through this. One week of no working shower at my house because the faucet broke and it took a week to get a replacement. I tried a camping shower. It was a disaster. The best thing? An empty dawn dish soap bottle full of warm water. Worked great and didnt cost a dime.

    1. @The Provident Prepper The car accident issues are getting as good as they’re gonna get I think. About a month more of PT I think. But I fell twice in the same week like a dope and now messed up my knee and aggrevated a chronic degenerative disc issue (lower back). Seeing a doc as soon as they can squeeze me in. Heavy sigh…lol Thanks for asking. I shall beat this…it’s gardening season. I’m determined. It’s gonna rain for a few days (WA state) so planting as much as my sore bod will allow today. Oh BTW…it’s ok to share your videos on my ward FB page isn’t it? Or is there copyright issues? I thought I’d heard you say in previous videos to share. It seems to be the one my ward hasn’t grumbled about so far.

    2. @Barbara Hartman You are welcome to share! I talked to Kenni recently who is on a mission in Costa Rica and learning Spanish. We asked her how she was doing and she said that she had a few “growth-inducing” days. It sounds like you are having a growth-inducing year! Much love and prayers your way!

    3. @The Provident Prepper update… got my reccomend after 14 yrs of not being involved in that. Taking my recently departed Mom thru on Wed. WOOT! Prayers for safety? Cuz everytime I try to go… bad things happen. LOL

  12. Provident prepper Jr is a hoot! I’m so glad you left the “kitchen shower” blooper in the video!!!😂 the ruler on the lid would be handy at fish camp. Also, one of your fancy Rubbermaid sheds could be converted into shower house 🙂. No worries about the effects of moisture on the structure plus good privacy. You would be “up town living “ in a grid down situation!!!! I do believe these little gems would make deer season much more pleasant for some folks!!! Lots of folks venture out into the woods for 2+ weeks, completely off grid! No plumbing, electrical, or any modern amenities. I used to drive home from camp every other day because I couldn’t make it any longer than that without a shower!🤢 some of the gentleman didn’t 🤮 I don’t do that anymore!!!! It’s not enjoyable being stuck in a little cabin (SHACK!) with 3 stinky guys and 3 annoyed wives😂😂😂 yuck! Now that I’m old, I’m soft and want creature comforts, like being clean 😂. I just moved to the bush so I can just hike to my hunting spot and take a shower every day 😍in my own house 😉 no more roughing it for this old lady!

  13. Unfortunately it’s not “off grid.” When SHTF, ALL fuels will be gone. There’s no “propane tree” to pluck! Lol If they could make this with solar or wood, you’d have a great product!

  14. Nice video 😂 and I love the rubber ducky!
    For us, if the worst comes to the worst, it will have to be the famous washcloth bath in the wash bowl.

  15. In my camping gear I have a square collapsible dish pan that can hold about 2 gallons of water, a shower 🚿 head with hose & a pump that runs on a rechargeable USB battery (easy recharge on solar or car’s 12v battery) I figured out one liter hot to 2 liters cold water is the correct ratio for warm water. Since I tested it out at home in shower stall before 1st camping trip it was used I know it will work when/if water pressure ever fails. Since I have limited space in my minivan camper, most items must multitask to meet multiple needs. Also, I picked up some inexpensive 36oz (lightly bigger than a liter) thermos containers. When I’m cooking & heating up water on camp stove I put any leftover hot water into thermos jug for later use. I think the shower costs about $30 4 or 3 years ago.

  16. Or take a water buckets leave them in the sun that will get you a nice warm shower hahah been poor we had to improvise

  17. I have a simple low tech answer to this issue. I have a bottle with a shower head fill with water use. total cost 10 bucks.

  18. I painted my garden pump sprayer black. It gets hot by sitting in the son for a couple of hours and the spray wand gives me a VERY fine mist which does an excellent job and makes the water last a long time. No battery, no electric pump.

  19. Those would be nice if you have extra money, but are way too pricey for me. I bought Coghlan’s 5 gallon solar showers for $12, one for each family member’s emergency kit. Added a bar of soap and a camp towel which is small and quick drying. I live in the desert so no lack of sunlight while hiking or camping. I also bought a tall, narrow privacy tent for shower/toilet use.

  20. Oh wow, I just remembered a story a patient told me a few years ago:
    she and her husband worked for the Bulgarian state until the late 1980’s and at some point there were *ahem*… problems.
    The result was that she, her husband, and their first child, then still an infant, had to spend most of a winter in some mega-primitive mountain cabin, snowed in for long periods of time.
    No electricity, no water, hardly any food supplies, little firewood, no contact with the outside world and nobody knew where they were.
    She told because they could barely warm up enough water to wash and because it was a bit easier they shaved off their hair (and this woman, even in her seventies, still had beautiful, strong, long hair that she loved and cared for very much ).
    When they were finally back in civilization she probably couldn’t get enough of long hot showers at first; the clothes they had worn all the time could not be saved even after repeated washing and had to be thrown away.
    The lesson for me is: if it gets too complicated to be able to wash myself properly, it’s no drama for me to part with my hair (I – as a woman – had actually shaved it to 9mm before and enjoyed it !), they will grow back. A bald head is easier to keep clean.

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