Camping Showers, Shower Tents and Hot Water

Camping Showers, Shower Tents and Hot Water

A look at some of the shower setups we have used over the years and our thoughts on different ones.

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3 thoughts on “Camping Showers, Shower Tents and Hot Water

  1. In my earliest days, don on the farm, we had no running water, hot or cold.

    To wash, we drew water from the (4 gallon) urn, always on the stove. We used a dipper that ight have held a quart. We diluted it with sufficent cold to make it comfortabl.

    I remember being washed on the kitchen table, but eventually we installed a bathroom with bath and basin. no shower.. We kids washed face, hands to elboes, feet to knees.

    Didn’t learn what Mum and Dad washed, but they didn’t normally use the bath. As a dairy farmer, Dad wore a lot of shit.

    Once a week, we used the coppy (I guess 16-20 gallons) to have a bath, shared water., adding water between bathers to warm it up. By this time, we did have running cold water.

    Health-wise, that’s not such a bad regime as you might think. Unlike daily showers, it preserves the essential skin biome.

    1. Ah the good old days 🙂 I am old enough to remember the outside dunnies but as a ‘city boy’ we always had the luxury of running water. Hot water from an old chip heater was pretty good too but if you forgot to light it on a cold winters day, the results were a little uncomfortable LOL

    2. @Western Australia Now and Then My city cousins had a bathheater powered by newspaper. The bathroom, laundry and their cubby house were a separate building, the dunny backed onto the back fence/laneway. By the time I remember, it had been upgraded to sewers.

      The house always smelled of coal gas.

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