Campers Are Using This HOT CAMP SHOWER to Haul Less H20!

Campers Are Using This HOT CAMP SHOWER to Haul Less H20!

It’s more than just a sponge bath. This is a unique water saving camp shower. You have full control over water flow. Interchangeable components allowing each family member their own body scrub. The sponges can also be used for cleaning dishes and gear. It has a fairly small form factor making it one of the most portable camp showers on the market. And it is quick to setup. At the moment, it really is the best camping shower for our family. BUT, there is always a “but” with us. It still comes with it’s own issues. Does it have the potential to be a camping gear essential? It could get pretty close. Especially if Geyser Shower acted on user feedback. This could easily be a piece of camping gear you must own if low water is your priority and you need a outdoor shower from time to time.

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55 thoughts on “Campers Are Using This HOT CAMP SHOWER to Haul Less H20!

    1. Great suggestion! Wait, did you watch our video on how to stay warm winter camping? Just kidding. I really Appreciate comment about like these. It’s this community helping each other out aspect that brings us back to YouTube time and time again

  1. Terrible product. First one leaked. They replaced it. Second one is alright but it eats batteries to heat up and the reservoir is too small. Now I just use it to wash down my mountain bike at the end of a ride and never bring it camping. I think I spent $350 at REI.

    1. There distribution is definitely unique. I have only seen it carried at REI and from their website.

  2. Hi i posted a question before , did u had some problem with the AC 50s powerstation and the Honeywell 250 w heater? After 1 sec i turn it on i have E36 on the AC 50s bluetti even on 170w on the Honeywell, can you help tks

  3. For $80 to $150 you could get a top quality medical grade stainless steel food quality 2 gallon sprayer with its own hand pump and pressure gauge. Fill it with whatever temperature water you want, give it a couple of pumps, shower, wash the dishes, clean the dog or outside of the camper. Doesn’t require any electricity and if you didn’t want the water really hot, you could just fill it with water, and leave it outside in the sun. I bet it would last a lot longer and be much more durable also.

  4. Who else here camps and requires a full shower with soap and shampoo??? This would be great if I can convince the family to settle with this.

  5. That is very expensive for a water pump with a sponge lol couple easily make you owm for less then $50

  6. Love you videos and thank you for your review!

    What part of the country did you film the video? It really doesn’t look like the winter I’m living through right now.

    1. Right! Best winter conditions ever. Just kidding. I shot this video this summer. We made quite a bit of content this summer as we moved to Thailand this August. It gave us a little buffer until the next content starts rolling out. Glad you’re enjoying the reviews. I really appreciate the feedback.

  7. Why not just get a cheap 12v pump and heat up a few gallons of water on a camp fire then drop pump into hot water and do your thing? Besides that, you can get a way more economical shower device ($200) similar to Geyser ($325).

  8. Points I really like: 
    easy flow control from the valve, those scrubbing pads seem to be a very good idea for saving water (and time), and size
    Points I don’t like: 
    that it has to cool so much before it resets itself.

  9. I use a 3 gallon stainless steel manual pump garden sprayer with a kitchen sink vegetable sprayer attached in place of the wand, Then I add i gallon of boiling water to 2 gallons of cold water, pump it up and spray down, then I lather and spray down again

  10. As usual, a great video (and once again, your children are simply adorable). We only camp at a campground when we know we are going to use our Springbar tent, and don’t want to put it up and take it down every night. It is big enough to provide privacy, but we still either do “bird baths” with a tub and sponge, or wipe down with an Epic brand XL shower wipe. I do not have a sense of smell, but my husband says using one of those gets us really clean AND smelling nice again. I will check out your other videos on this topic. Thanks

  11. Great video – if you have bought the “self heating” version you would have avoided one of your biggest pet peeves, but would be stuck with the 95F shower still. At least you would not have to worry about waiting for overheat to go off.

  12. Have you tried using the Nemo shower? You can pour in hot and cold water without worry of it shutting off due to improper mixture. Another benefit is you can pour in cold water and leave it in the sun and it will heat up.

  13. *waves* hi drew.

    Truth is, this system is very good for cases where you have to pack the water. Where you don’t have access to a fresh water source… in the winter where you have to melt snow for water. In cases where you don’t want to keep a 55 gal water bladder filled up though, at the same time, the water bladder/drum also does act as a heat battery, it keeps bleeding heat for a long time when the fire goes out.

    first problem i see, proprietary scrub brushes that you need to keep paying for to replace. Not a fan of companies that do that.

    oh, if you are wondering about the 87 why not 95. Hot water rises. if the sensor is at the bottom they may worry that there will be a separation in temp where the bottom reads 95, but the top is hotter.

    now if you ARE near water sources and/or are using a large water bladdeer/drum for water storage, you can get propane hot water on demand water heaters. These things work the same way, dump the hose in the river or into the barrel, or attach it to the bladder. start the pump, start the propane. These often run about 30-50 gal of water per pound of propane used. A few actually take 1 pound bottles with adapters for larger.

    of course then theirs the truly and totally insane option. solar panels and generator feed electric water pump. which transfers to a reverse osmosis water filter system, which in tern branches out between export water straight for drinking, cleaning, etc, and a propane powered hot water on demand system. now you have safe and clean water to shower with and drink. And entirely to much disposable income.

  14. That’s super interesting.
    I saw a simple review at an overland west video, and I dont remember a temp restriction. That sucks…. That’s a deal breaker really. Washing your hair is one thing, but a shower? Unless it’s under 50 degrees F. outside, it’s just not warm enough.
    PS: Love your videos fella.

  15. I like my black bag shower. You can add hot water or set it in the sun to heat. I would either hang it in a tree, with a tarp for the curtain or in the camper over the shower bar. I use the sponge bath method at times.

  16. I’m an REI employee and we actually wound up pulling it from our shelves for a while because of all of the problems the heated and unheated versions had. It just got to a point where we were getting waaayyy too many returns on them and told Geyser they needed to update their system or we couldn’t keep seeling their product.

    1. do you think its better to buy the heating version right away or you still think its not a good buy??

  17. I purchased the heated option. What an abject failure due to them continuing to sell stock that they knew had an issue with the spray nozzle. I was already on the road and trying to get a replacement was horrible. Never could get it as my travel didn’t allow me to wait in a place for 2 weeks to work out the logistics. I ended up paying $60 bucks to send it back across the country to a friend to hold.

  18. 95 degrees isn’t hot enough. I had the heated version and I still added hot water from my kettle.

  19. I’ve used the Geyser quite a bit and you are right about the hot-to-cold water ratio changing based on altitude – good point. Love the shower, although it could use some little quality-of-life tweaks.

  20. I’d mod the thing. First by expanding the water reservoir, second, by figuring how to take it apart and to then look at how it’s control system works so I could have the ‘hot’ setting at 102. Yeah, voiding the warranty. I void warranty’s.

    1. I think you’re the second or third person that has recommended this. Thank you for sharing Britt.

    2. So sorry Britt that was not the intention of my response. I meant to say I think you’re not the only one. Meaning, this may be a good idea for people to ponder. I use kind of cryptic responses on comments like these because I don’t want to validate voiding a warranty. Not as an individual, but more as a creator trying to educate people on this platform. Hope that makes sense. So sorry for confusing you with my response.

    3. @Playing with Sticks no worries, I only read a few comments, I should have read more. Yeah, I never advocate for people to void warranties, I, do however choose to from time to time. It seems like a good product, just needs a few tweaks… like a slightly larger reservoir 2 gallon, instead of .8, and a user selectable temp setting lower bound and upper bound… with a better cooling system for the pump, so the pump doesn’t overheat so easily. But that’s just the thoughts off of the top of my head.

    4. No truly. You nailed it. And I’m glad to hear multiple people posting similar thoughts. I think many of us scroll through these comment sections looking for trends.

  21. Interesting scenario for you. I have the same geyser system but I started by pouring in the cold water first, adding the hot water, close the container, and shaking it before taking my shower. I haven’t had any problems doing that 🙂

    1. That’s the same method we use. I think maybe you’re misunderstanding what I’m trying to do. Sorry it wasn’t very clear. Basically I’m trying to get the water as hot as I can without setting off the sensor. Our family, beings we camp in cold temperatures in Alaska prefers a shower a few degrees warmer. I find if we can get the temperature just below the threshold it’s a comfortable shower. I think the best method for this is actually taking a temperature of the water.

    2. I just read your comment for a second time. I wonder if the manual says to shake the container. I don’t remember seeing this. It definitely would make sense to shake it. We have been stirring ours with a large wooden spoon. Which makes me laugh because after hearing your comment I realize all I need to do is shake.

  22. Drew, we love your videos! Sweet family you have. I’m looking for a hot shower with easy set up. I’ve been researching the RinseKit Pro and Pro Pak with hyper heater… Wondering if you could take a look and see the pros and cons. Aside from the price. Thank you for all your hard work! You’ve helped us sort through some issues!

  23. Probably better with a Hozelock 4140 4-in-1 Multi Use Portashower, make the water as hot as you like it, KISS comes to mind. Cheers for the honest review 👍

  24. I really appreciated this review. It seems like every other video is either from someone who has never actually used it or is clearly being endorsed by Geyser for the review.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. I really wanted to love this shower. It was so close to being right.

  25. Boil water in pot and add in a collapsible bucket with cooler water to get to eight temp. Clean yourself with a scrubber and a small cup to rinse. I end up just not taking my other camp shower equipment or pumps. To much junk.

    1. That is exactly what we switched to after using this shower. We realized we were sponge bath people.

  26. Thank you for introducing us to this product, Drew! I watched this video when it was released, but not particularly interested, as I already have a RoadShower we got free a few years ago. I don’t shower with it, but use it for dishes feet, muddy shoes, and assorted other cleaning chores.

    After a recent camping trip, I thought of a way to wash and rinse dishes easier, as well as save water. I ordered the Geyser replacement hose/valve and a couple of sponges, which arrived today. I’m going to put together an adaptor to use the RoadShower to supply the Geyser hose and sponge, saving water as well as using the already hot, pressurized water. The RoadShower is at 65 PSI, so I”ll need to just crack the valve on it so as to not blow out the fittings on the Geyser bits, or worse case, simply add a regulator.

    Thanks for inspiring the idea!

    1. I’m assuming it’s the river water that grosses you out? you probably should never check the source of your bathwater. You may be surprised how similar they are.

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