3 Easy Pie Iron Recipes (Camping Cooking Tips)

3 Easy Pie Iron Recipes (Camping Cooking Tips)

Learn how to make a 3 easy pie iron (also known as “pudgy pie”) recipes that you can cook while camping or in your backyard. Below are the ingredients you’ll need for each one.

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Pie iron pizza:
– Bread
– Pizza sauce
– Mozzarella cheese (shredded)
– Pepperoni (or other toppings)

Pie iron ham and cheese toasty:
– Bread
– Cheddar cheese
– Ham deli meat

Pie iron apple pie:
– Bread
– Apple pie filling

For each of these recipes, you’ll also want some butter or cooking spray to oil the pie irons before inserting the other ingredients.

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14 thoughts on “3 Easy Pie Iron Recipes (Camping Cooking Tips)

  1. Mmmm…some homemade bread would be great for this 😉 I remember making these pies and sandwiches when I was a kid. Great video, Jon!

    1. @Little Campfires Awesome! I’m trying to think of the best way to make a pizza on the fire. I think the trouble would be getting enough heat for the top of the pizza. I’d say make sure the bottom of the dutch oven is pretty hot (like 500+ degrees) and then put the lid on and load it with hot coals. As long as the sauce and cheese are on the lighter side, I think this would cook a good pizza in about 5-7 minutes. It won’t be able to have much browning on the top but it should work all the same.

      Also, I found a makeshift brick oven that you can easily build up and tear down that would be perfect for camping. I’ll share that with you too!

    2. I’ve always been a brick mason at heart, so that makes sense.

      Yeah, we actually almost had it. We put the cast iron Dutch oven upside down (e.g. so the pizza is on the inverted lid). If we had just doubled the amount of coals we put on top of that, it probably would have worked.

      It just takes awhile longer. I’m guessing it would finished cooking in 20-30 minutes if we had used enough charcoal.

      I’ve also considered pre-heating the Dutch oven, but I’m not sure if that would help or not.

    3. Grant – I’m down for a collab. Come visit and we’ll cook outside for a full weekend. It’s the perfect plan.

  2. I assume you could use more suitable breads for certain recipes right? I like the apple pie idea but I feel like standard bread would taste funny, maybe flatbread or actual crust? Who knows I’m no chef but I’ll give her a try anyways

    1. Yeah – definitely. I was lazy. You could use better breads. I think some people also use raw Pillsbury dough (the tube stuff), if you do raw dough though, you obviously have to cook it more carefully to make sure it cooks fully. Anyway, thanks for the comment and have fun experimenting!

    2. Oh, and personally, I don’t think the bread tastes funny with apple pie. Especially if you use a sweet-ish bread like honey-wheat. Just my 2 cents 🙂

    3. It tastes great with regular bread!! We have done them like that since I was a kid. So fun and easy

  3. I like the round pie irons because they seal around the edges and they look like mini flying saucers… 🛸

  4. I wish I saw this video before we tried our first pudgie pies…my husband basically made charcoal on the first try, the pudgie iron was red hot as the fire was raging and we left it in waaay too long. The second pudgie was somewhat edible but still quite burnt and crispy. Thank you for the tips and for posting!

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