Stanley Camp Mug review

Stanley Camp Mug review

I love this mug! I’ve had it for years and it’s still going strong. Please like and subscribe! Thanks!

13 thoughts on “Stanley Camp Mug review

  1. Yeti is horribly overrated and overpriced!!!! Stanley is an awesome company…and really good quality products for the reasonable price they ask….

  2. Thanks for the video. Will this mug work for people who are left handed? Looks like it is designed for right hand use.

  3. Talked more than 5 minutes about a fu***** mug and showed not one of the key features! How remove the cover? Show the inside!

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I see your point. I never script these, so I miss things. I appreciate you watching.

  4. Thanks for this review… I’ve read about the flimsy lid closure… I wish it was sturdier. How does the handle do if it’s dropped on a hard surface? Thanks for your time! ~ Maria

    1. Handle on mine snaped off, 3 tiny pins spot welded I could see after..rarely use mine, with lid off coffee went cold too fast..

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