Taste Testing Backpacking Meals: Pinnacle Foods

Taste Testing Backpacking Meals: Pinnacle Foods

Pinnacle Foods are available through the Garage Grown Gear website, which will be running a sale during the week of May 17th to the 24th, 2022!
(Note that, although I am an affiliate with GGG, this is NOT an affiliate link — didn’t want to appear biased!)
Also available directly through the Pinnacle Foods website:


15 thoughts on “Taste Testing Backpacking Meals: Pinnacle Foods

  1. I’ll have to check them out. Love the Golite hat, I’m still using the Jam70 I bought right before they went out of business.

    1. Good stuff! Yeah, I like to remember/honor Golite with the hat for being pioneers in Ultralight gear.

  2. Lesson learned…do not share ’cause it’s so good your hiking partner will walk off with it! Added several meals to my pantry already. Will give ’em a try later this summer. Thanks for the review.

  3. Just like you said I like supporting cottage companies. Great review. Gonna order a few dinners. ATB Mike

  4. Thanks for the review. I typically make my own food, but it would be nice to just buy a few bags from time to time. Their prices are a bit high, but if the meals are great, it may be worth it. Few things can ruin a good day on the trail more than a bad meal.

    1. I agree with everything you said here. Meals like this are more of a splurge once in awhile for me too.

    2. Btw, those are nifty reading glasses you used in this clip. If you don’t mind going off topic, where did get them? Do you have any videos featuring them? I have recently turned that corner in life where reading glasses are a must have item and would like something handy like that when I am backpacking.

    3. @ShastaBubba Adventures That would be great. Sometimes it’s the little things that make life so much easier on the trail. I occasionally bring a book on the trail and reading glasses are a must. Also helpful when checking in with the wife with my Zoleo, which uses text messages. Looking forward to a brief review!

  5. Hello, I’ve been watching your videos on the Bob Marshall Wilderness and am very grateful for the insight provided. I have many years of wilderness living and wilderness experience under my belt, and have led wilderness programs for at-risk youth for years. Yet while I am at home in the natural world, I find myself currently in a very compromised physical condition.

    I don’t know how messaging works on your channel but was wondering if there is a way to message you privately. I would like to ask your advice on trails and camping in the Bob, but would prefer to keep my information confidential.

    Thanks for any guidance you can provide.

    1. Hey Paul, if you go to the channel home page and click on the About section, there is a business email for me you can use. No one sees it but me.

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