Snowys Pick: Top 3 Sea to Summit Hiking Mats

Snowys Pick: Top 3 Sea to Summit Hiking Mats

Check out the range of hiking mats from Sea to Summit here:

If you’re looking for the perfect sleeping set up for your lightweight outdoor adventures, then you can turn to the vast range of mats available from Sea to Summit.

In this video, our gear expert Ben talks you through our top 3 mats in the Sea to Summit range at Snowys. He starts out with the difference between air sprung cells and the self-inflating series, and what the benefits are of each one. He then covers the Ultralight Insulated mats, the Comfort Light range, and the Ether Light mats.

Ben finishes up by comparing them all together so you can get an idea of what will suit your needs on the trail – so check it out above for all the details.

0:00 – Intro
0:14 – Difference between air sprung cell & self-inflating series
1:13 – Ultralight Insulated series
1:36 – Comfort Light range
2:04 – Ether Light series
2:17 – Comparing them all

10 thoughts on “Snowys Pick: Top 3 Sea to Summit Hiking Mats

  1. As you said mate you don’t supply Nemo …they make good pads…my fiancee just brought the STS either light xt she loves it…..better pad from the Chio crunching sound….Nemo quasar looks good too as a avid hiker ya don’t need self inflating that’s only for base camping not hiking….my preference anyway…..I remember having a self inflating mat for camping dune4x4 then I got a swag with foam mattress instead
    Then when I went hiking I had a chip packet sound mat from STS but at the time Nemo was killing the scene in mats and prob still are just hard to get new stock from USA ATM and only a handful of limited sellers sell.nemo gear…..I’m about to upload our last trip you’ll see our sleep setup in a new hut….misso loves STS I love Nemo and mont

    1. I love my Etherlight aswell @Tas Camping & Hiking Adventures…we’re lucky to have such a huge range of brands on the scene to help get the best gear for our needs.
      ~ Lauren

    2. @Snowys Outdoors nah mate sorry you don’t supply Nemo as Benny said before it’s strange that you don’t but I’ll admit sea to summit are getting better ….just limited sellers for Nemo sucks balls

  2. Just received my Etherlight insulated, Ember quilt and Aeros pillow in time for camp next month after restrictions are lifted. Thanks Snowys!

  3. Which one(s) of the six would you say is the bare minimum for a night around 0 Celsius (+-2)? Coupled with a sleeping bag around that temp rating of course

    1. Mats don’t come with a temperature rating as such, MarinosCh, rather an R-value which is a measure of thermal resistance, and the comfort of the mat can depend on what you are sleeping on.
      I’d say that the Ultralight Self Inflating mat maybe doesn’t offer the insulation you need for a 0 degree night, but the Ultralight Air Filled mat could be the bare minimum. I’d recommend something with an R-value of around the mid 3’s for comfort on a 0 degree night.
      You can always warm it up a little more by adding a thermal/space blanket or similar under a lighter weight mat for extra insulation on a particularly cold night.
      Hope that helps.
      ~ Ben

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