Ask The Experts: Exped's Sleeping Mat Range

Ask The Experts: Exped’s Sleeping Mat Range

Rob talks to Sam Green from Swiss brand Exped about their range of sleeping mats; from the fast and light Ultra models, to the bombproof and comfortable Duras, and finally the do-it-all Versas. All of the models in the range feature recycled materials and come in a range of weights and temperatures.

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3 thoughts on “Ask The Experts: Exped’s Sleeping Mat Range

    1. Funnily enough we opted not to cover this one, simply so we could (rightly or wrongly) focus on their range of inflatable sleeping mats. That said, closed cell foam mattresses still have their place. Whilst they’re not the warmest, and are pretty bulky, there’s incredibly reliable as there’s nothing that can really go wrong with them!!

  1. I hope this is better than your Exped MegaSleep 25 sleeping bag was – that was awful. Temperature rating was WAY exaggerated.

    They LOOK good, but I’d have to really examine its actual performance, not just your claims about it. I’m glad REI takes returns!

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