10 Best Camping LED Lanterns and Headlamps to Light the Outdoors

10 Best Camping LED Lanterns and Headlamps to Light the Outdoors

According to the latest research humans are not nocturnal animals and tend to feel much more comfortable and even safer next to a source of light. Well, these shocking findings are forcing us to take a look at the 10 best camping lanterns and headlamps that can defy darkness, and make sure that our outdoor adventures are not entirely reliant on the daylight.
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Vont Spark LED Headlamp:

Vont Lantern:

0:36 #1 Vont Spark LED Headlamp: vont.com/product/spark-led-headlamp/

When it comes to price to quality and customer satisfaction comparison the Vont lights are definitely within the top tier. Their Spark headlamp is the runaway best seller on Amazon with thousands of positive reviews and shockingly affordable pricetag of $9.99 for a two pack.

1:50 #2 BioLite BaseLantern + XL: bioliteenergy.com/products/baselantern?variant=31529746202723

Even though the BaseLantern carries a rather high price tag it can easily become the centerpiece of your camp doing double duty as a party light and a recharge station for all of your USB devices. This lantern is no bigger than a sandwich but the two LEDs grids on each side.

2:54 #3 Petzl Tikka: petzl.com/US/en/sport/classic-headlamps/tikka

Petzl Tikka is an affordable and practical headlamp, that belongs to the brandโ€™s Classic range, designed to be used during camping, biking, hiking or at home.

4:01 #4 LuminAID PackLite Firefly: luminaid.com/products/packlite-firefly-usb

Looking like a sky lantern, LuminAID PackLite Firefly is an inflatable and portable lantern that weighs just 5 ounces and can be recharged using sunlight.

5:07 #5 Black Diamond Storm: blackdiamondequipment.com/en/headlamps-and-lanterns/storm-400-BD620658_cfg.html
Store (375)

The Utah-based Black Diamond LTD has been in the industry for more than thirty years, designing and manufacturing products for climbing, skiing, and mountaineering. Weighing under four ounces with batteries, their Storm headlamp is a rugged and full-featured model range perfectly enforced to perform in harsh conditions.

6:14 #6 GoalZero Lighthouse Mini: goalzero.com/shop/lights/lighthouse-mini-lantern-core/#

GoalZero Lighthouse Mini is the smallest and the most affordable option in the brandโ€™s lantern lineup that produces 210 Lumens of bright light, stands on fold-down legs, and can run up to 500 hours on low power.

7:20 #7 Biolite Headlamp 200: bioliteenergy.com/products/headlamp-200

Biolite has been selling a premium and quite stylish 330 Lumen no bounce rechargeable headlamp for a year now, receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from the buyers. They are following up with the 200 version.

8:24 #8 Streamlight Siege and Supersiege: streamlight.com/en/products/detail/index/super-siege / streamlight.com/products/detail/index/the-siege
Store (Siege 540 Lumens)
(Supersiege 1100 Lumens)

Similar in size and appearance, Streamlight Siege and Supersiege are rugged and cordless lanterns that offer 360-degree light distribution. The main difference between the two is the brightness level and the power source.

9:32 #9 Petzl Actik Core: petzl.com/US/en/Sport/ACTIVE-headlamps/ACTIK-CORE

The most powerful option is Petzlโ€™s Active lineup, the Actik Core is a sturdy, 450-lumen headlamp designed specifically for outdoor activities. According to the company, this model is a perfect choice for long distance hikers, evening runners, and mountain climbers.

10:37 #10 Vont Lantern: vont.com/product/led-camping-lantern/

One would think that 12,000 reviews with 83% 5-stars is a nearly impossible rating on Amazon, but this is exactly how buyers are grading the Vont LED camping lantern. This outdoor light has collapsible construction and is equipped with 30 bright LEDs.

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7 thoughts on “10 Best Camping LED Lanterns and Headlamps to Light the Outdoors

  1. Goal zero crush chroma. Cheaper than the luminaid, has multiple light colors, collapsible flat without being puncture prone.

    Goal zero v400 lantern with handcrank for emergency situations. Ensures you can have light even if the battery runs out.

    Petzl zipka has the same light unit as the Tikka but is much more compact because of the retractable headband. Also works with the lantern case.

    1. Yes. I have all 3. For the Petzl Zipka, I’ve had multiple versions of it over the last 15+ years so can vouch for its durability.

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