Work Tuff Gear:  New Camping Knives and My Thoughts

Work Tuff Gear: New Camping Knives and My Thoughts

Work Tuff Gear is a small family owned business.
With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing knife and outdoor gear, They decided to start up Work Tuff Gear back in 2018 with a vision To make knives and outdoor camping gear with the first-class fit, finish, and functionality as possible.

Here are the blades Previewed in this video and the information needed if you would like to check them out.
Alex Owner of Aurora Borealis knives
Model: Wolverine
Price: $160 USD
Steel: Japanese SK85 HRC 56-58
Finish: satin
Overall Length 11.6″ or 294.62mm
Blade Length: 6.5″ or 165.1mm
Blade Thickness 0.196″ or 5mm
Grind: Saber grind with a convex edge
Blade Shape Drop point
Handle Material: 3D machined G10
Knife Weight: 14.5oz
Weight w/ Sheath: 17.3 oz
Sheath: Black Kydex
Maker: Andy Tran owner of Innerbark OutDoors
Model: Klapatche
Price: $99.00 USD
OAL: 7″ or 177.8 mm
Blade Length: 3.1″ or 78.74 mm
Steel: SK85 HC Steel 56-58 HRC
Grind: Saber Grind w/convex edge
Finish: Ghost Finish
Handle : 3D Machined G10
Knife Weight: 5 oz or 141.7 grams
Sheath: Kydex Black
Maker: Shan Hamilton Owner of ODM Knives
Model: Wilderness Warrior Gen2
Price:$169.00 USD
OAL: 12.2″ or 309.8 mm
Blade Length: 6.9″ or 175.26 mm
Steel: SK85 HC Steel 56-58 HRC
Grind: Saber Grind W/ Convex Edge
Finish:Slick coat
Handle: G10 in Olive Drab Green & Desert Tan
Knife Weighs:15.3 oz
Sheath: Kydex Black
Thank you for your time and support. More on it’s way.
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24 thoughts on “Work Tuff Gear: New Camping Knives and My Thoughts

    1. Thank you Jeff
      The wolverine is a beauty and really prefer the look of the metal.
      Simplicity at its finest πŸ™‚πŸ’ͺ

    1. Thank you Mark
      Keep in mind anytime they show sold out Check back in and they will give you E.t.a . On availability

      I appreciate you bro
      Thank you

    1. Yes sir James they will.
      I appreciate the visit and comment.

      Enjoy the rest of it week.

    1. Hey Darnel
      Thanks for the visit . Yes so far I love what I see. Very affordable and quality is damn good.
      More To come hope to see you back again soon
      Joe πŸ™‚πŸ€

    1. @JB Outdoors And More you are very welcome Joe. I really like the looks of the Wilderness Warrior. I am a fan of the dark steel. I like the desert tan and the olive green scales. They both look good on that knife. I like the sheath too.
      The runner-up is the wolverine. I can’t wait to see your review videos on them.
      Thanks for sharing with us brother

    1. Thank you Aaron for the visit

      I rent like them all but yet the Wolverine I’ll have to say is my favorite

      I’ll be getting it out soon
      Take care sir and Thank you

  1. Beautiful blades bro! Love the Wolverine as well as I don’t like coated blades. Nice job!

    1. Hey Scott
      Thank you sir.
      I love all knives but I absolutely love and prefer a plain blade.

      I will have more soon for you guys

    1. Hey Johnny
      Thank you sir for looking and yes they are new to me but they do a great job.
      Take a look when you get a chance. You may see something you like.

      See you soon have a great rest of your week.

    1. Thank you for the visit Sir.
      I am new to WTG but I am loving what I see. They definitely make a fantastic product and still keep it affordable.
      More coming. I appreciate the comment and your time.

      Joe 😎🀝

    1. You will see them very soon.
      I need to play catch up but Excited to test these out.
      Thank you Lukas good to see you back bro.

      I hope all is well.

  2. Joe, excellent! This is the video I have waited to see from you. More ” meat” and more of your opinion. Thanks for this rundown. Show me more!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! Mark Thank you sir.
      Yes I will get these blades and others out.

      I know i have been lacking i’m sorry for that. More is on it’s way 😎🀝

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