Pocket Knives That are Tougher Than you Think

Pocket Knives That are Tougher Than you Think

Some pocket knives might surprise you in how tough and the types of abuse they can withstand. Today we are taking a look at a couple knives that are pocket sized tanks that are ready for survival even in Alaska!



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12 thoughts on “Pocket Knives That are Tougher Than you Think

    1. Agreed! Do you have the CF elite or aluminum scaled one? I got the aluminum scaled 2 when it first launched and what a great work knife it’s been.

  1. Check out the Cold Steel Code 4. They made a CTS-XHP version for a while. If you can find one they are tanks.

    1. I have that version of the code 4. It’s the only knife I have in CTS XHP and I really like the steel. I worked mine up to 4000 grit and stropped it and it took a insane edge. Cold steel can make some janky stuff but their shovels and higher end knives are done very well.

  2. new sub here, u.s. marine vet here ! , my friend is looking for microtech halo 6/t/e or hellhound , can you please direct where to find these knives , i think they are super rare ones ?, talk soon > tom !

  3. I am older now and I do not camp anymore survival or baton with knives but it is good to know for those who camp or baton. I do use knives for urban and daily home use mostly folders traditional slip joints or Spyderco folders and some small fixed blades. It all depends on your lifestyle and what you need a knife for.

  4. Hey bud. Great video. I will definitely be back. I’m a fixed blade guy so that was my draw to the channel but these are the pocket knives I would like.

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