Making a Fingerring Camping Knife

Making a Fingerring Camping Knife

Good day!!
This knife is a camping knife.
Not Forged in Fire
The pattern on the blade is an electro-etching technique.
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55 thoughts on “Making a Fingerring Camping Knife

  1. Somwhere in a tree with a door open at the base, this elf uploads his daggers to youtube. It’s some mysterious stuff.

    1. Thank you for watching.
      thanks for the nice comment And my appearance is similar to that of a dwarf.

  2. 이렇게 만드는건 어디서 배울수 있어여?
    저도 도끼하나 핸드메이드 해보고싶은데

    1. 배울수 있는 곳이 있는 지는 저도 모르겠습니다. 저 같은 경우는 외국영상을 많이 따라했습니다

  3. Vraiment très joli travail 👍 bravo a toi le manche et la lame superbe
    Au top et merci pour tes vidéos

  4. 칼도 아름다울수. 있군요~~
    그리고 전부터 궁금한것이 있는데
    칼을 전자렌지 돌리는 이유가 궁금합니다…?

    1. 좋게 봐주셔서 감사합나다. 담금질후 너무 높아진 취성(부러지는 성질)을 일정한 온도로 안정화 시키는 뜨임 작업입니다. 일정한 온도 유지를 위해 전기오븐을 사용합니다.

  5. So, I do like your content, but I actually prefer your forged work, not so much the machined work man. Just IMHO, so do you bud, but I would love to see more content from you that is complex, showing details of your methods for both forging and machining, which is something that not a lot of people seem to do. I believe you get a little machining (and I mean almost NONE) from Blackbear Forge and from Royer. I like your content because it speaks more to people that are starting off, not those that have already become Journeymen, and the like. Anyway, great content and either way I’ll keep watching. Cheers man.

    1. End of the video thoughts. I love your etching work and the raw creations. Royer does some pretty unrealistic work for amateurs and for Journeyman, but you create something raw, visceral and functional. Those are some of my favorite features/attributes of blacksmithing. I am a HUGE fan of zombie survival stuff, not because I believe there is ever going to be a zombie apocalypse, but because that type of raw product that is functional and I guess you could call it urban artform (though I think the term is a little mismatched) and I feel like you really hit the target for that audience. I thought of some fun builds that incorporate both weapons and functional tool, like a short spear with a fireman’s tool, in particular a Halligan tool. If I got to choose your next few efforts even with a small forge I would be all over that. It’s complex, and would be an incredibly difficult design, but I think your machining skills and your ability to forge could do it justice. Just one suggestion. In your videos you place the metal on top of the forge coals. That allows a lot of oxygen into the forge, if you hit the sweet spot in your forge, even a small forge with a slight dip in the middle, you can create a sweet zone in the coals. Remove clinkers (Blackbear Forge’s term, not mine) and then find a sweet spot in the forge for little oxygen, and a high temperature without getting too high a temp would get some amazing results. Again, just IMHO, and I’ll still sub and watch your future content.

    2. Thank you for watching.
      Thank you so much for your kind comments and your advice to me. I will try to increase my skill using fire and hammer. The content I want to do is to make knives with no power (not using electricity). This will probably be possible after a long time.

  6. Привет из России как всегда шедевр золотые руки интересно какая твердость по роквелу после закалки. Всего тебе хорошего

    1. Спасибо за просмотр.
      После закалки твердость по Роквеллу составляет около HRC56.

    1. @forging hard ممنون که به زبان فارسی جواب من رو دادید. همیشه موفق باشید👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🌹🙏

  7. Looks great!! How long does it take when you get a used metal to know what knife you will make out of it??
    Enjoyed your video and I gave it a Thumbs Up

    1. Thank you for watching. my friend
      I design knives every Friday. And it takes 2-3 days to change from scrap metal to a knife.

    1. Bu, canlı akışın resmi olmayan bir test videosudur. Video, test sırasında yanlışlıkla yayınlandı.

  8. Прекрасная работа! Красивый нож получился.

    1. Спасибо за просмотр, друг
      Спасибо за хороший комментарий.

  9. Слава Великому Монолиту. Красивый получился

    1. Спасибо за просмотр.
      Спасибо за хороший комментарий.

  10. и снова спасибо за видео. и снова – мои замечания.
    ну во первых – это не походный нож. как написано в названии видео. его конструкция фундаментально не подходит для походов. походный нож должен быть многофункциональным.
    во вторых – длина и форма лезвия не подходят для походов. походный нож используется и для рубки веток и для нарезки продуктов во время готовки. это же изделие с такой формой лезвия будет мало чем полезно.
    в третьих – отверстие в центе – сразу же созданное слабое место конструкции. если это нож походный, прочность конструкции должна быть максимальной, без каких либо отверстий.
    в четвертых – форма рукояти не самая удачная, поскольку в походе нужен нож с максимальным усилием на захват. то есть рукоять должна быть максимально удобной. в этом же случае, максимум что можно сделать этим ножом это настрогать щепы на костерок.

    1. Спасибо за просмотр.
      Большинство моих ножей ориентированы на дизайн и непрактичны.
      Это стратегия зарабатывать на жизнь только на YouTube, не продавая ножи.

  11. Boa tarde mestre o senhor nao as vende colesionam elas se for isso deve ter muitas destas maravilhas Deus abencoe voce e sua familia😃🔪

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