Linder Knives

Linder Knives

Unfortunately Linder Knives of Solingen are going into liquidation. Take that how you want to. I ran out and picked up something from some stock sitting around.

Read about collecting knives here!


20 thoughts on “Linder Knives

  1. Excellent Knife. Thanks for share this video and the other collecting water from the rocks of the shore.

    1. Yes I still have it and it gets used all the time. I’ve been thinking about doing a video called the “top drawer” LOL the Strider is in that drawer LOL!

  2. Nice bowie. A lot of knife enthusiasts turn their nose up at 440C nowadays, but it’s still perfectly viable and plenty reliable steel. I think that could be a reason why people are shying away from spending money on blades that are otherwise extremely high quality but are perceived to have bottom-shelf, peasant steel.

    1. Yeah, properly heat treated 440C is still a good steel.
      I think it got its reputation destroyed by cheap Chinese knock-offs and wall-hangers.

  3. Algunas piezas de esa marca se hacen en Albacete España….luego los terminan en Alemania y son ” made in Germany”.🤔

    1. I’m not aware of this, I know that PUMA certainly do this. The leather sheath for this knife could have been made in Spain as the hide and stitching looks to be like the Spanish do.

    2. @Bush Camping Tools …..Linde también…créeme, lo se de primera mano.
      Es más el fabricante que trabaja para Puma lo hace para Linde y para Sig Sauer.

  4. I didn’t know Linder was going out of business . I just went and fished out my first Linder Bowie I bought back in 1981. Cheers.

    1. I don’t think they can get a buyer but who knows, things can change at the last minute!

  5. Our knife reporter is back. Thanks for info. Real attractive knife and built for combat. Don’t blame you for no field test.

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