Kc-knives -  just a little practice with their C10 model camping knife

Kc-knives – just a little practice with their C10 model camping knife

Thank you Kevin.

Model: C-10
Overall length 10’’ / 25.5 CM
Blade Length 4.5″/11.3 CM
Steel Z Wear
Thickness 0.130 / 0.135
Handle 5’’ /12.7 CM
Handle Material – G-10
Heel 1 1/4 ‘’ /3 CM
Case Belt carry Kydex
With a custom Ferro Rod





17 thoughts on “Kc-knives – just a little practice with their C10 model camping knife

    1. That you so much Jeff. It really is a amazing setup and worth every penny.

      You can feel the quality.

      See you soon and thank you brother 🤝😎

    1. It’s amazing Tom. And after cleaning it up there’s not a scratch in it yet.

      Only thing I am noticing is the first time using the Ferro rod on the spine it scratched it up. But I won’t be doing that anymore.

      Stay tuned more to come.

  1. _gotta love that one strike fire. That fire starter is sweet. I like that a lot. I like that knife too_

    1. Thank you Gary very much for stopping by.

      The knife is amazing. And yes these firestarters are truly at the top of the totem pole
      Full review coming soon. It’s over 100 degrees here so hard to light any fire for any length of time without getting heat stroke 🥵

    1. Hey Thank you for watching.
      I am a firm believer you get what you pay for.
      This blade will last a lifetime with the right maintenance and care. .

      More on it’s way.

      Thank you for your support.


    1. Hey buddy. Thank you for droppin by.

      No hot spots at all… So far a bad ass knife with amazing edge retention.

      See you soon.

    1. Thank you I always am looking for the next best thing.

      But I might have found it with @procamptek.

  2. Great video again my friend! Love the knife and definitely need to try out the Procamptek products!

    1. Thank you so much again.

      These fire starters are definitely next level. You would love them.
      I have been uploading tests videos on Facebook.
      More will be in their way. 😎

      Have a great rest of your weekend Scott. Thank you again buddy 🙂

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