How To Sharpen Your Knives And Axes "Woodsman's Sharp"

How To Sharpen Your Knives And Axes “Woodsman’s Sharp”

– How To Sharpen Your Knives And Axes To Woodsman’s Level Sharpness. Easy Step By Step.
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00:00 Intro And What Is Woodsmans-Sharp?
01:35 Who Taught Me To Sharpen Knives?
02:30 The Knives
03:36 I Actually Start Sharpening Some Knives..
09:09 How To Sharpen The Native Siberian Yakut Knife
10:26 My Secret Item
11:19 Ax Sharpening

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Welcome To Survival-Russia. One of the very best Outdoors and Survival related communities on YouTube, and yes, It’s a pretty good Channel too.
My name is Lars. I’m From Denmark but I live in Rural Russia now. I live at a Homestead in wild nature surrounded by a huge forest.
On The Survival-Russia channel we do all things related to the Outdoors Lifestyle. I share my thoughts and experiences on Survival Techniques for the woodlands of the Northern Hemisphere. the Reality of Survival. I share Techniques and ways of the Siberian Tribesmen and the Russian Longhunters of the older days. Things not shown outside of Russia very much.
On this Channel we also do Off-Road driving, Vehicle builds, Metal Detecting, all things Outdoors basically. Enjoy!
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55 thoughts on “How To Sharpen Your Knives And Axes “Woodsman’s Sharp”

  1. Impact tools do not need to be extremely sharp, you rely on their mass (kinetic energy) in order to cut through the wood. Great content Lars, thanks for sharing.

  2. I actually use a little piece of very polished, flat jasper to keep my knives sharp. It’s a piece of duodji which I bought from a Sámi guy up in northern Sweden. It’s a great thing to have because it doesn’t really get worn down, and it doesn’t need to be wet. If you’ve caused your cutting tool some real damage it’s gonna be a pain to try to fix with just that stone, but for regular maintenance it’s a real gem. I can do some basic sharpening, and I can also use it for honing instead of a strop.

  3. only 5 minutes in, its very similar to how the Japense use waterstones! they first push step, however, they start at the edge to the tip, since that tends to be the area that is affected by the wrong angle the most

  4. Great knife sharping lesson. I use to be butcher. Same knife sharping lessons taught to me.wrap your butcher kitchen knives in saranwrap(foodwrap). It keeps the air off them.

  5. I am very glad you are on the mend, I really enjoy your videos. I think the word for the area above the edge is called the shoulder. At least in my little part of the world.

  6. That is a good philosophy for sharpness Lars, I’m using a very similar one myself but…I got to be able to sharpen my knives/axes quickly or I find that I won’t do it when I should and the knife can quickly slide into the “non-safe” sharp category. I use a drill with a sanding plate with a combination of fine sanding discs and a homemade rough stroping wheel. I find it works well and it’s very fast. I hand strop or, use a ceramic stone to finish. All my knives become convexed very quickly with this method.

  7. That little yellow sharpening tool is just great, small enough to carry anywhere & really effective !

  8. I was taught the nail test by my dad. No machines here either, all stones, ceramic and steels. Thanks, Grizz 🐻

  9. Lars, take care of yourself. It may take longer than you think to get back to where you were before COVID. No rush! Be well !

  10. Hej Lars, my kids and I are looking to study Russian, have you got any good tips and resources you can throw our way? Tack så jättemycket i förhand.

    1. Russian is very difficult because it is so different than out Scandi languages. Search YouTube and try to find something which suits you. I used a channel by “Victor Huliganov” or “Uncle Dave” not his real name, but it is almost impossible to find his original content. copied all over the place.

  11. Maybe I’ll learn one of these days ha ha ha ha couldn’t sharpen my way out of a wet paper poke

  12. You are an Awesome Brother Lars, Tack så mycket, Old school tips are my FAVORITE and Classic History Lesson about your Grand Pa…. Legend…God Bless You and Your Ohana, You all INSPIRE many.. Aloha Friday to You and Yours… You made my day with your Humility and Awesomeness…From Särna Sweden with Love…

  13. Really nice video, I always learn something new. I am going to try these fashions of sharpening my knives and axes. Strapping on good leather strap is very common. I have differen type of leather straps for different styles of knives. Hope all is well with you and your family having to deal with the COVID. Take care.

  14. I just found your channel… do you have like homestead ? i wish i can learn somethings from you.

  15. I have noticed that you sometimes get things in the mail from fans and supporters who send you things to use and try out. Is there a P.O. Box or a mailing address that we can use if we wanted to send an item or something to you? Thanks!

    1. Hello John. Yes viewers send me parcels at times. You will need to go to the “About” section here on the channel and click the “View Email Address” box please. I will get back to you then. Thank you very much.

  16. It sucks the bug found you way out there! Glad you’re recovering, it can be nasty I hear. Nice tutorial and nice collection!

    1. For sure. It’s pretty much everywhere these days I guess. I should have great immunity now 🙂 Thank you for the comment.

  17. I’ve never had to sharpen a knife before but now I know what to do :). Thanks for sharing Lars can’t wait to get out on more adventures.

  18. I am a knife guy, and spend time sharpening and polishing the edge. I find it relaxing… however there are certain knives I do that with. My working knives and axes get a very similar sharpening to what you do. It doesn’t matter how you do it as long as you get the result you’re looking for.

  19. Good to see that you are back and you don’t try to shave your arms with your woodsman’s sharp blades. Useful tips, as so often from you. Wise lessons from grandfathers are not to be forgotten.

  20. Lars, what you are describing is the policy of ‘good enough’. Most times, in many scenarios, this concept is applicable. Often, anything more is simply wasted effort. To quote, ‘If it works, it ain’t stupid’.
    I’m glad that you seem to be feeling better. Give your poor, embattled body a bit of free time!

  21. @ 2:53 I stopped the video to make this comment; the S.R.T. Knive I recently called a ‘Becker”…I was wrong. Sorry about that. And yes, I saw the video you did about it at the ‘filming studio’ when you received it. ~red faced-me~ And yes, you did explain the reason why …or tried to , why the ‘administration’ doesn’t allow the finger-grip at the front. Still!! …great knife! I am still envious of that one! Canada, it is expensive. I do not have that…yet. Silkys however!!!…I have 2 gomboys 240’s, 2 Zubats. Your Grandfather is a man whom shall be remembered! A great man who taught you. Humbly, if you are 2/3 rd’s your Grandfather…I am two-150 yr old birch trees behind. 😉 <3 Thanks Lars. Good video.

  22. My knives were Noticeably sharper. Thanks for sharing yours and your grandfather’s experience!

  23. Lars, can you sharpen an axe with a tank???? Lol. Maybe. Just kidding. We love your content. Over watching you for years, your content helped me most when the power went out, everything froze, and we kept warm and helped my neighbors. If I didn’t have your information, we would have been bad off. It has been things that aren’t shown in some survival books that mattered the most from your experiences. Thank you. We kept warm, and helped others. But we were prepared. GOD bless you and your family.!!!! 😁

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